Mary J. Blige Speaks Out About Burger King Ad

A Burger King commercial featuring Mary J. Blige promoting their new chicken wraps was debuted and subsequently pulled this week, after it was met with an overwhelming amount of controversy. Many feel it made a fool out of Mary and her brand, having her sing and dance about chicken…an African-American stereotype. But she allowed them to film the ad so, what went wrong? MJB speaks out about it below. Marisa Mendez

(Video) Soccer: David Beckham (@DavidBeckhamWeb) Stars In New Burger King Commercial

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl David Beckham is featured in a new Burger King Commercial about their smoothies.  Check it out & let us know what you think….

(Video) Mary J. Blige Burger King Ad Pulled After Controversy

We posted the official Burger King YouTube link the other day of Mary J. Blige’s new ad for their new chicken wraps, but it has since been pulled. They haven’t released an official statement, but all the other new ads are still up on their YouTube and they have received major controversy for this one. Many feel MJB really did some damage to her brand with the ad. I was able to find the video on the web again so watch below if you missed it. What do you think of it? Marisa Mendez

(Video) @MaryJBlige Stars In Burger King Ad

It’s only right that Burger King tap the Queen to promote their new Crispy Chicken Snack Wrap. Check out MJB in her BK ad below. Marisa Mendez

Burger King Tries Home Delivery!!

Wow– Fast food competition? I just told you guys about McDonald’s introducing the Oreo Pie and then someone sent me this story: For just $2, Burger King is letting customers have it their way– home delivery. More details after the jump!! Wendy L.

Burger King Customer Arrested After Trying To Order ‘Blunt And Some Herbs’

A bad joke went terribly wrong a Florida man was arrested after an employee called the cops on him for jokingly trying to order some tree at a local Burger King drive-thru. Is it bad to laugh at this? LOL Hit the jump for more details!! Wendy L.

Goodbye To The King, Burger King Mascot “Dethroned”

Remember that big, scary, plastic, king that Burger King was using in its ad campaigns? Well say goodbye because BK plans to roll out a new “food-centric” marketing campaign this weekend with one less royal pain. Hit the jump for more details! @ItsLukieBaby

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