(Grapic Video) ‘Unemployed Graduates’ In Morocco Set Themselves On Fire To Protest Lack Of Jobs

Five unemployed Moroccan men set themselves on fire in the capital Rabat as part of widespread demonstrations in the country over the lack of jobs, especially for university graduates. Three were burned badly enough to be hospitalized. Straight up, WILDING FOR RESPECT! and you think the people down at Occupy Wall Street are making a statement. Click below to watch the video. @WiLMajor

Suspect Who Burned Woman Alive Believed She Owed Him Money

The maniac who doused an elderly woman with gasoline in a Brooklyn elevator and burned her alive did it because he believed she owed him money. Brooklyn handyman Jerome Isaac was still reeking of gas when he surrendered to police. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. @WiLMajor

Usher Sued For Alleged Plagiarism

Songwriter Ernest Lee Straughter is pressing charges against Usher claiming that the crooner stole his song. Straughter has filed suit with in a California federal court and a judge has deemed that there is enough evidence to go through with the case. Straughter is claiming that Usher’s smash hit “Burn” is a replica of his 1998 song “Reasons.” Read more about the case after the jump. @Julie1205

Connecticut Home Invasion, Triple Murderer And Child-Rapist Describes Last Moments Before Family Burned To Death

In a confession played for jurors today, a Connecticut man on trial for a brutal home invasion said he could not explain why he did not untie two girls before they died in their burning house. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. @WiL

(Video) Mother Burns Her 10-Year-Old Adopted Son’s Penis With A Burning Iron!

A woman is accused of sexual conduct with a minor — her 10-year-old adopted son. According to police, the victim told them that his 39-year-old mother bound his hands and feet, forced dog excrement into his mouth and duct taped it shut. The victim added that she burned his penis with a lighter, then sodomized him repeatedly with a toothbrush. Hit the jump to see the video. @WiL

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