Ford Motor Co. Names Mark Fields COO, Puts Him In Line To Become Chief Executive!!!!

CONGRATS To Mark Fields On His Newly found Appointment As COO of the Ford Motor Company Americas Unit, which puts him Directly in line to become the Next Big Guy at Ford, The CEO!!! Right now the Big Guy is Alan Mulally, and Mr. Mulally will continue to be the CEO at least until 2014, and when ever he does step down, Mr. Fields Will continue to take the Ford Motor Company forward!!! Hit the Jump for the Full Story!!!! Funk Flex

News: President Obama Exposes Mitt Romney’s Business ‘Experience’

This title is exactly what the site MITTROMNEYECONOMICS.COM is going to do. The Obama administration has put together a website to show how Mitt Romney really makes business moves and how he makes all those millions. Click below to find out and get more of an understanding of the man who wants to run our country. Funk Flex

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