(Video) Police Camera Catches Shooting Of Officer Daniel Webster

A year ago, officer Daniel Webster was shot during a traffic stop. 35-year-old Davon Lymon is the suspected shooter. Last month he was found guilty on federal gun charges, a case involving the same firearm he allegedly used to kill Webster. The video shows Webster being shot by the motorcyclist he pulled over. The video is cut short due to the graphic image. In the video we see Webster trying to handcuff Lymon. His right hand never made it in the cuffs.

(Video) Tech: Sony Is Developing a Contact Lens With a Built-In Camera?!

Sony is looking to patent their own design of a contact lens with a built-in camera that has working image stabilization and autofocus.

(Video) Dam: Man Gets Shot On Camera While Recording Himself

This is terrible….dude just came home and reopened his business, only to get gunned down mid video of his reopening. Hit the jump to see what was caught on his own camera.

(Video) Gas Station Surveillance Camera Helps Lead To Arrest After A Shooting Occurred

Thank God for technology these days. A woman was arrested after opening fire on a driver in Detroit. The high-definition camera at the gas station caught the whole incident.

(Video) NBA: Ohio Holds It’s Breath As Lebron Crashes Into Camera Causing Him To Bleed From His Head

Even NBA commissioner Adam Silver admitted he was holding his breath as the biggest star in his league was down on the floor in pain. In the second quarter last night, Lebron ran into Andrew Bogut and at least to me appeared to flop in order to make sure a foul was called. Well the refs made the call but because he flopped somewhat, Bron’s momentum carried him right smack into the middle of a camera that was under the basket.

16 Major Cities Now Have Police Cameras!!

Should of happened earlier, but now major cities are beginning to make cameras as part of the police uniforms. Check out which cities near you will have this new piece of technology into place.

(Video) Dude Eats Lightbulb On Camera.. Seriously

Dude Eats Lightbulb On Camera.. Seriously. What would you do for a little online notoriety, put up embarrassing videos of your dysfunctional family during Christmas? Perhaps maybe put out a sextape, those seem to be burning up these online streets like hotcakes. What about eating a lightbulb? Yes, a lightbulb. Check out the video below after the jump.

(Photo) Prince Posts His FIRST Selfie, However He Certainly Did Not Use His iPhone!

The man that once famously said that “the internet is dead” has posted his first selfie and it’s just pure excellence! The “Breakfast Can Wait” singer took the selfie in a manner suitable just for the “Purple Rain” hit maker. Check it out after the jump!

(Video) Breast Cam Picks Up Thirst From Men, Women, And Kids #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth

I suppose some is thirst, some is ‘checking out competition, and some maybe seeing as food 0_0

NFL Ban: You Won’t Be Seeing Beats Headphones On Camera Anymore — Here’s Why!

There’s a lot of athletes that use & love Beats headphones.  You actually see it quite often, but not anymore … now that the NFL has banned them.  Sorry Kaep & Sherman!  Why the ban you ask?!  Check it out…

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