(PHOTO) iPhone 5S Promo Pic Leaked…Camera Fact You May Not Like!!

As an Apple fan, this is disparaging news. The pic leaked is more than a promo pic, it’s more of a spec sheet from a site looking to sell the 5S.

Check It Out: Charges Against Yeezy Have Been WHAT???

You guys remember that video that came out this summer of Kanye wrestling with a member of the paparazzi WWE style at the airport. Well it seems like the charges that were going to be brought against Ye for that incident have been dropped. Ye has been cleared of all the potential charges and can go back to taking care of his family and touring. Check out more on this story…

(Video) Police Chief Fires Shots At Liberals…Literally!!

Pennsylvania police chief and school board member, Mark Kessler, has some explaining to do. He shot his way to local limelight with a –now viral– video where he proclaims his disdain for ‘liberals.’ However, it’s not his message, but his approach that has people in shock. He’s seen on video firing rounds from his various weapons. Check out the video after the jump.

(Video) Beyonce Gets Reckless With A Fan! “Put That Damn Camera Down!”

At $200 – $2000+ per ticket, got damn it I’d like to have a photographic memorabilia too! Mrs. Carter was in ATL on her current tour, performing, “Irreplaceable” when she asked a few fans to sing – To the left, to the left – and someone messed up BIG time! A (what I thought sounded like a tipsy) guy slurred his line, and Bey put him in line – why’d he mess up?? Because, he was filming the whole thing! “See, you can’t even sing because you’re too busy taping, I’m right in your face baby, you gotta seize this moment baby! You better put that damn camera down,” said Jay-Z’s leading lady! Hit the jump and check it out!

Vine For Android Gets Another Update!!!

Now Android users can take proper selfie Vine footage with the new front facing camera option. The new 1.2.0 update also includes a new upload manager for unsubmitted posts and faster camera loading time.

(Audio) 911 Phone Call Released In Justin Bieber Camera Theft Incident!

I can see Justin on his Amanda Bynes ish in a couple of years. LOL! Sad to say…After snatching a camera from the paps, Justin’s bodyguard allegedly choked up the camera man. A “$100 memory card” was also taken from the pap AFTER he was forced to delete any photos stored already on the camera. Well, police had to be called, and now that call has been released. Drop down bottom and have a listen.

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