Chance The Rapper Helps Raise $60,000 For Chicago’s Homeless In 10 Ten Days

While us east coasters are still in record breaking highs for the winter, citizens living in other parts of the map endure the normal chill that this time of year has to offer; which is why Chance the Rapper assisted in the ‘Warmest Winter’ campaign. The Surf artist asked fans to donate funds to go to the Empowerment Plan; which aims to give homeless Chicago citizens jackets for the cold season. Thanks to Chance’s help with the campaign and donations from fans, more than $60,000 was raised in a matter of ten days. Hit the jump for more.

TLC Slammed By Kickstarter Supporters Demanding To Know When Album Will Be Released

TLC fans have become impatient and are demanding that T-Boz and Chilli give them their money back. Back in January TLC, went out on a limb and asked for their fans money and support to fund their fifth and final album. The iconic group started a kickstarter campaign with hopes to raise $150,000. Fans were so excited about the album that they were able to raise more than twice that amount, and raked in $430,000 in just one week! Now, nearly eleven months later fans are demanding to know where the promised new music is. Hit the jump for more.

Sounds Like Him: Donald Trump Paid Supporters To Support … During Presidency Announcement

Money talks, and bulls**t runs a marathon. This is one real estate mogul who knows the meaning all too well. Donald Trump paid supporters … well, to support him during his tumultuous presidential campaign announcement. While we are pretty sure that the Trump has folks who back him up 100 percent, there still were a group of individuals paid to hold up signs and sport T-shirts the said, TRUMP Makes America Great Again! Yeah, sure. Find out more down bottom.

(Photos + Video) Update: Sprite To Launch New Hip-Hop Soda Campaign, Nas And Drake Star In New Commercial

UPDATE: Nas and Drake’s co star in the new Sprite commercial which made it’s debut on Sunday during the NBA Finals. I think it’s pretty dope, check it out for yourself after the jump! @Shanisw0rld [Billboard] Sprite has a history enmeshed in the Hip- Hop culture. If you remember Kurtis Blow was the first from the craft to appear in a soda commercial from the company. This paved the way for luminaries such as KRS-One, Heavy D, Kid N’ Play, and a list of others. Now, sprite plans to elongated its special relationship with the movement. As part of the “Obey Your Thirst” campaign, the prolific soda pop provider will release cans featuring Nas, Notorious B.I.G, Rakim, and Drake.

Willow Smith Is The Latest Face For Marc Jacobs Campaign

Teen queen Willion Smith has just landed a major gig, and is now the face of Marc Jacobs latest campaign. This is the biggest fashion spread the 14 year-old has had to date. She has previously posed for Teen Vogue and T Magazine. It’s no secret that the young star loves to experiment with high fashion and can be seen in the ad wearing a pleated shirt and metallic blazer from the Diana Vreeland–inspired collection. The ad is a part of the new ad for Marc Jacobs’s autumn-winter 2015 campaign. Click the jump for more photos.

(Photo) Azealia Banks Throws Diss Shots At Pharrell For His Latest Chanel Campaign Look

Pharrell, Cara Delevingne and six-year-old Hudson Kroenig were the stars of the latest Austria-inspired Chanel campaign photoshoot for the pre-fall 2015 Paris-Salzburg collection. Taken by designer and famed photographer Karl Lagerfeld, the photos showed the threesome in embroidered tops, navy blue(s), olive green(s), however, the piece that stole the show were the group’s look in knee-high structured boots. While I call this great fashion and art … in Austria … Azealia Banks has more of a comedic stance on the images, or shall I say the BOOTS.

Big Sean Launches New Social Media Campaign #ITTAKESONE In Honor Of His Late Grandmother!

Not only is he a talented rapper, but Big Sean is also all about giving back to the community. In honor of his late grandmother Mildred V. Leonard, Sean is launching an online campaign called “One Man / Woman Can Change The World” aka #ITTAKESONE that will give people a chance to use their social media for good deeds and random acts of kindness as apposed to the nonsense we so often see. Being that the Detroit native’s grandmother was the first female African-American captain in World War II, she was a very inspirational to not only him, but to the world. She was also one of the first black female police officers in Detroit and dedicated 30 years to the Detroit Public School System. For those who participate in the #ITTAKESONE campaign, prizes will be available to win such as VIP tickets to Sean’s Dark Sky Paradise tour, meet-and-greets with him and so on. If you’re interested in participating, all you have to do is share your act of kindness via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #ITTAKESONE. What a great and productive idea!

(Video) John Legend Launches Campaign to End Mass Incarceration

Some people do more and talk less. While a lot of other things are going on in the world this Oscar and Grammy winning celebrity continues to fight the good fight for an often forgotten population. Chart topping records and ‘racks on racks’ aside, John Legend Launches Campaign to End Mass Incarceration!

(Photos) Take Notes! Amber Rose Shows Instagram Followers ‘How To Be A Bad B*tch’!

Amber Rose loves to show off her sexy curves and I mean who can blame her with a body like that. So, on her recent vacation she shared her pictures with followers but the captioning is probably what caught peoples attention the most. “I heard Instagram is turnin wives into hoes? I guess it’s a Hoeing a** Friday for me *emoji* #Thotie #Milf #HowtobeabadB*tch.” Well alright now, Amb then followed up by sharing her #AmberRoseSlutWalk movement and informing her followers that if they don’t get her captions, they will this summer. She is flipping the word slut and using it in a positive way to empower women. Check out photos in the gallery!

Democrats Fear Michelle Obama’s Last Name Might Stir Up Trouble For Campaigning

Uplifting crowds, encouraging women, and increasing the turnout among African-American voters — yes Mrs. Obama can do it! And even though that’s all good, it does seem a bit strange that Michelle Obama has been somewhat absent from the campaign trail as the tallies get closer for which party will have control of the Senate.

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