(Photos) Did Miley Meet Molly?!?!

Another day, another issue for the twerk captain. After recently declaring her love for mary jane and molly in an interview, sources close to Miley Cyrus suspect she was under the influence of MDMA during her VMA performance. They claim she’s always popping drugs and that Cyrus may be on a downward spiral. Suspicions about drug use during the VMA performance was also backed by photos showing Miley’s tongue coated with a visibly white substance – a telltale sign. Can the self proclaimed twerk team captain live??? SHEESH! To read Miley’s response, click below.

(Photo) Beyonce Has A Message For Her Haters

Queen Bey has come under a lot of heat since the Presidential Inauguration in which there are claims that she lip-synched. Although she personally didn’t make a statement, it is said that she sang along with a background track to preserve her voice for the Superbowl. Many have an issue with this because even though the Superbowl is watched by more people than the Inauguration was, it was an important part of history. I see both sides to the argument of whether she should have sang or not, but technically she did sing she just avoided exerting herself with the assistance of a background track and it’s not like we don’t know how well Bey can sing so I don’t see what the big deal is. Instead of making a direct, formal statement about the rumors, Bey took to her Instagram to send a message right to her haters and the skeptics which is probably better than any statement she would make. Find out what it was in the gallery.

(Video) Jay-Z Releases Official Video Of His Barclays Performance Of “Can I Live” & “Dead Presidents”

Jigga christened the newly-opened Barclays Center with a series of eight sold-out shows last month. Today, he released his official footage of his live performance of two major songs of his, “Can I Live” and “Dead Presidents.” Check it out below. Marisa Mendez

(Video) Jay-Z Performs “Can I Live” At The Barclays Center

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some pretty amazing seats for last night’s Jay-Z concert at The Barclays Center in Brooklyn.  Click “more” below for a clip of Hov performing “Can I Live” off of his album Reasonable Doubt! DJ Matthew Tyler

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