Mom And Toddler Fighting Their Cancers Together

This story is so sad! A mother and her 15-month-old daughter are fighting their cancers together. Kezia Fitzgerald, 28, was diagnosed with stage three Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2010 and five months later her baby was also diagnosed with cancer. Saoirse was diagnosed with a malignant cancer called neuroblastoma when a tumor was found in the baby’s abdomen. Read more about the sad story after the jump. @Julie1205

Tech Talk News: Tim Cook Says HE’S GOT THIS!

With a new leader at Apple, some people think the Macs are rotten. But, Tim Cook assures us all this change is no change. Say what? Details after the jump. Tat WZA WZA on Google+ X Emma Rabid

Tech Talk Look At: Who Is Apple’s NEW CEO Tim Cook???

This has been a crazy day for me personally, and I really prefer to have certain things stay intact while I’m going through personal hard times, and Steve Jobs Staying at the Big desk of my favorite bitten fruit consumer electronics company is one of them, So I can’t get that, I now have to learn a whole NEW CEO at Apple….Well Let’s take a look at Tim Cook!! Tat WZA WZA on Google+

Did Marijuana Save A Toddler’s Life!???

A father from Montana claims his 3-year-old son, who was battling brain cancer, is alive today partly due to marijuana oil, which he gave him during the boy’s nine-month stay in a Salt Lake City hospital. @Ash_Bankz

Indie Rocker, Gerard Smith from TV On The Radio, Diagnosed With Cancer

Just as TV on the Radio were finishing work on their upcoming album, Nine Types of Light, bassist Gerard Smith was diagnosed with lung cancer. The avant rock band announced the diagnosis on its website on Monday in a note that updated Smith’s condition. @funkmasterflex

Dwarf Village May Hold Clues to Cure Cancer!!!???

Scientists are trying to determine whether a group of dwarfs in Ecuador (all of them living in a remote village on the slopes of the Andes Mountains) could hold the clues to cure cancer. @Ash_Bankz

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