(Photo) Forget Gucci…Would You Want This Rapper To Speak To Your Kid’s Class?

Twitter was all a buzz yesterday when Gucci Mane spoke at a middle school’s career day. Today another rapper headed to an Atlanta school to speak to the kids and that rapper is Shawty Lo. Even though I don’t exactly see Gucci Mane as a role model for any child, he’s at least known in the game currently. Shawty is now mostly known for having a ridiculous amount baby mothers and attempting to get his show about them on a TV network and I wouldn’t consider that successful. Of all the rappers in ATL, schools pick these two? I know T.I. has went to prison and all, but at least he is a successful rapper, business man, and father and not just some fool with an ice cream face tattoo or someone who doesn’t understand birth control. I feel like there definitely could be much better choices for a kid’s career day than these two fools. Check out pics of Shawty’s day in the gallery.

(Photos) Uh…Would You Want Gucci Mane Speaking To Your Kid’s Class?!

I don’t know about you, but I’d throw a FIT if Gucci Mane of ALL people was brought in to talk to my kid’s class for Career Day. Why would I want a man with an ice cream cone tattooed on his face, a long record of arrests and that once shoved a woman out of a moving car teaching my child ANYTHING at all? There are lots of successful rappers from Atlanta that could have been brought into Crawford Long Middle School, that could offer some way better advice than La Flare. I’m just…shocked. Would you want him speaking to your kids? Let us know in the comments!

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