NBA: Carmelo Anthony Says an NBA Championship & Olympic Gold Medal are Pretty Much the Same

Carmelo Anthony has become the elder statesman and leader of the Team USA’s mens basketball team for the 2016 Rio Olympics.  Anthony is the only player in U.S men’s basketball history to compete in four Olympics.  He just passed Michael Jordan to become the United States’ third all-time leading scorer in the Olympics, behind David Robinson and LeBron James.  Anthony has six All-NBA selections, nine All-Star Game appearances, and a scoring title to add to his three Olympic gold medals but there’s one thing noticeably missing from his Hall of Fame resume, an NBA championship.  It’s obvious the Knicks aren’t heading for one in the near future but Anthony is not only optimistic, he’s at peace.

Olympics: Team USA Basketball Victorious Over Venezuela

Though they seemed shaky at the onset, Team USA with Carmelo Anthony at the head came through with a victory over Venezuela.

(Video) NBA: After Being Clowned By His Olympic Teammates, Carmelo Anthony Is Now The One With Jokes

Carmelo Anthony looked like the old, out of touch, disgruntled teammate last week when his younger teammates from the Olympic team were having ball singing on Snapchat. Melo himself is still new to Snapchat but judging from this video, he is getting the hang of things quickly, including going from being joked on to the one delivering the jokes.

NBA: Carmelo Anthony on Michael Jordan Speaking on Social Issues: ‘Brilliant & About Time’

Michael Jordan shocked everyone on Monday when he decided to no longer be silent and finally spoke up on social issues.  Jordan said he was deeply troubled by the deaths of African-Americans at the hands of law enforcement but also upset with the targeting and killing of police.  He donated $1 million each to two organizations, the International Association of Chiefs of Police’s newly established Institute for Community-Police Relations and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.  Carmelo Anthony praised Jordan for speaking up but also noted that it was “about time.”

NBA: Carmelo Assists In Los Angeles Town Hall Discussion For Community Peace

Way to go Melo! This is what we need! Activism and celebrities using their status for the betterment of police-community relations! Keep reading to see what Anthony had to say.

NBA: Carmelo Anthony Speaks Out On The WNBA Fining Players & Teams For Supporting Black Lives Matter

Earlier this week, three WNBA teams, The New York Liberty, Indiana Fever and Phoenix Mercury were fined $5,000 each by the league for their “protest” in support of black lives matter. All the players did was wear black warm up shirts in the wake of recent shootings by and against police officers. The shirts, which also led to some players also being fined individually, were not only in support of black lives matter. They also paid respect to the police officers in Dallas who lost their lives when they were ambushed by a gunman. The players don’t understand why they were punished and neither does Carmelo Anthony, who spoke out about it yesterday.

NBA: Carmelo Anthony Reveals How Close the Knicks Were to Getting Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade had a public falling out with the Miami Heat during free agency and began to explore his options with other teams.  The Heat offered Wade a two-year, $40 million deal but he believed he was worth more, especially because of the pay cuts he’d taken in previous years.  One of the teams that held mutual interest was the New York Knicks, but Phil Jackson had meetings and agreements with other players before the availability of Wade was known.  Carmelo Anthony revealed the Knicks were extremely close to getting Wade but the timing was off.

NBA: Carmelo Anthony on Officers Going Free in Freddie Gray Case & His Plans to Fight Injustice

On Monday during Team USA Basketball practice in Las Vegas, Carmelo Anthony was mostly all smiles.  But afterward, the star forward who grew up in Baltimore, was told that for the fourth time, prosecutors in Baltimore failed to get a conviction in the Freddie Gray case as Lt. Brian Rice was acquitted on Monday of all charges related to Gray’s arrest and death.

NBA: Carmelo Anthony on Kevin Durant Not Giving Knicks a Meeting & Signing With Warriors

Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant are good friends and are also teammates on Team USA for the 2016 Rio Olympics.  Anthony also wanted Durant to be his teammate on the Knicks, and lobbied KD to consider the option.  Durant however signed with the Golden State Warriors and never even gave the New York Knicks a meeting.  Anthony spoke about it after a Team USA practice session.

NBA: Carmelo Anthony Thanks Phil Jackson For Offseason Moves & Calls Knicks Playoff Team

Carmelo Anthony is finally happy and has something to look forward to in his new-look New York Knicks.  This offseason, Knicks president Phil Jackson traded for Derrick Rose and added Joakim Noah, Courtney Lee and Brandon Jennings during free agency.  Saying Jackson “stepped up,’’ Anthony called the Knicks “a playoff team,” adding the group is “a very special team on paper’’ and has its “competitive edge’’ back.

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