Warning: Is The IRS Out To Get You?!?

Business owners all over the U.S. have been getting bombarded with letters from the IRS that seem to have everyone in a frenzy. These letters are asking if they have been properly reporting all of their cash income because apparently, the IRS feels that these small businesses aren’t being truthful about how much $$ they’re ACTUALLY bringing in. Could the IRS be purposely targeting small business owners?

Lil Resse Arrested…AGAIN!

GBE member, Lil Reese has done it again! His career barely has set in, and he’s been arrested on numerous occasions. This time it’s for possession of the green lady, Mary Jane! Hit the jump for more details.

SMH! D.C. Stripper Sues Club Owner For What?!?!

No matter what your job is, it’s not cool to take advantage of anyone. Due to the fact of matter, this stripper might cash in! Hit the jump for more!

NBA:(Photo) Rack City! Lebron James Has A Nice Stack Of Cash In His Locker

What you doing with that stack in your locker Bron? Honestly I would not expect someone with his net worth to even walk around with much cash on him at all. Maybe he was gonna go to the strip club in Oklahoma City last night after the Heat beat Kevin Durant and the Thunder. But why have it just sitting in the locker? And it doesn’t look like a small amount either. Maybe he said forget OKC, I am bout to be in Houston and the clubs down there are gonna be crazy! Who knows,but we all know Bron’s money can stack to the ceiling without even seeing his cash. Check the gallery after the jump for the picture.

Incarcerated Cash Money Artist D-Boy Killa Stone Died!!???

It has been confirmed that the popular Louisiana rapper from Cash Money, D-Boy Killa Stone has passed away during his time in prison. Weezy showed much love to his homie by sending out an “RIP” tweet (Pic After The Jump) and Juvenile also showed his sympathy via twitter. At this time we don’t have any information as to how he died but IFWT will be sure to keep you updated.

Sylvester Stallone Was Paying Major Cash To Hide The Fact That He Abused His Half-Sister ???

Listen Stallone, if these allegations are true I’d like to say that you are too damn BIG to be hitting on someone (let alone a woman), unless it’s acted out in a movie. However, the “Rocky” vet is accused of abusing his half-sister, Toni-Ann Filiti. Their are some documents showing that Stallone agreed to pay the half-sister 12 million dollars plus $16,666.66 a month. In addition, Filiti was receiving $50,000 per year to pay for her medical and psychiatric expenses she suffered due to the abuse. A rep for Stallone says that this was nothing more than a blackmail scheme. Filiti’s mother and son denies that allegation. Filiti is no longer alive to say yay or nay to what happened. She passed away of lung cancer in August of last year. Let’s see what STALLONE himself has to say about this. Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

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