Casper Smart Crashes Mercedes Into A Tree & Totals It

Photo Credit: Instagram Jennifer Lopez’s ex-boo Casper Smart had quite the night last night. The dancer was driving his Mercedes through Woodland Hills, CA around midnight, when he a guardrail and a tree, totaling the expensive whip. “Rough night for me. Smashed into a tree,” Casper tweeted with a picture of the damage. “I’m safe and ok thank god. But my beautiful car is totaled. #wasntmyfault” Good thing he is okay! Check out the damage below.

Casper Smart Allegedly Cheated On J. Lo Again!

According to reports, Casper Smart cheated on Jennifer Lopez for a SECOND TIME! Who cheats on J. Lo?! PEOPLE Magazine says the couple have broken up once again, and of course, Casper is desperately trying to get back in Jen’s good graces.

(Photos) UFC: Jennifer Lopez Dumped Casper Smart for Ditching Her & Hanging With Kanye at UFC 202

Jennifer Lopez has reportedly broken up with Casper Smart because he passed on a fancy Hamptons charity event in favor of hanging with his boys at UFC 202.

(Video) Too Cute! Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart Have Some Fun Together

Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez love to deny that they are officially back together in a relationship, but we know better. The adorable couple made a hilarious Dub Smash to the remixed version of Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools” and it is EXTREMELY entertaining. See the video below. Can these two just get married already?!

We Don’t Believe You: “Single” J. Lo Goes On Vacation With Her “Not Boyfriend” Casper Smart & Her Kids!

We don’t believe you, you need more people! Jennifer Lopez has been claiming she and her young stud of a boyfriend Casper Smart broke up months ago, but the lie detector test determines THAT WAS A LIE! The two recently hit up Mexico for a vacation with her two kids to celebrate Casper’s 28th birthday, but yet J. Lo and Casper are still sticking to their original story about “not being a couple.” Although they showed no public display of emotion while in Mexico, sources claim that the two were spotted kissing outside of American Idol just a few weeks back. AH, we knew it! #NotLow

Uh Oh! Jennifer Lopez Has Rekindled The Flame With WHICH Ex-Boyfriend?!

Jennifer Lopez has quite the roster of famous ex-boyfriends throughout the years, but there is one that she just can’t seem to let go of. Word broke awhile ago that J.lo and her younger man, Casper Smart, called it quits. However, that ends up to not have even been the case. The two never actually broke up, according to sources. This all makes sense because after their “break-up,” overtime paparazzi caught the two together– they would try to duck and hide from the cameras. However, they did a horrible job because they were spotted together NUMEROUS times together, including back in February dancing together at a Big Sean concert. WELP, looks like J.Lo got that boomerang. I’m not mad at her!

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