[Video] Toxic Love? Columbus Short Films Wife Beating The Breaks Off A Woman In Their Shared Home

Something is definitely amiss with these two. Colombus Short and wife Tanee apparently share a love for many things. Their children, living a lavish lifestyle, oh….and beating the living sh*t out of people! While Tanee has been around town crying wolf, seemingly coming off as the victim in a domestic violence case filed on her husband back on February 18th, 2014. In addition to another incident that popped off in late April between them that led to her filing for divorce, as well as a protective order, looks like ole Tanee’s hands aren’t clean either! Check deets inside.

(Video) Oh SH*T! Khloe Kardashian Caught Twerking On The Game In The Club!

This is going to do nothing but fuel the rumors that Khloe Kardashian and The Game are secretly dating! Last fall, Game and Khloe’s close relationship had the rumor mill buzzing that Game wanted her to dump Lamar for him, but the rapper spoke out against that. Later, his then-fianceé Tiffney Cambridge was also forced to address it, and she said it doesn’t bother her a bit because she knows there’s nothing going on. Since then, though, Khloe HAS dumped Lamar and Game and Tiff broke up…so is it fair game now? Last night, Khloe backed that a$$ up on the rapper in the middle of Tru Nightclub in Hollywood, and it’s pretty intense! Check out the video below. Do you think they’re flirting with disaster?!

(Video) Sports: Reporter Faints On Live Television, Gets Up And Finishes Her Interview

This is funny, only because the reporter wasn’t hurt. Brooke Graham was doing an interview with some cross-country skiers, when she suddenly passes out and falls down pretty hard. After a few seconds of just laying there she gets up and tries to continue. Gotta respect her work ethic, lol. Hit the jump.

(Video) NCAA: Insane Alley-Oop!!..Check How High His Head Is!

This isn’t an actual game, but Damn!! Duke player Semi Ojeleye caught a crazy alley-oop in practice that I did not think he would get up to catch. He is only 6’6 so when you see his head above the rim in the video he is not some super tall player. Hit the jump. Duke has to be happy he is on their squad.

(Video) Sports: This Soccer Referee Is Gangsta!! Knocks Player Out With Punch

These players asked for it! Soccer games in other parts of the world are not anywhere nearly as civilized as pro sports in America. This is another example of that. The players disagree with the call the ref made so bad that they begin bumping him and pushing him. He runs away at first, but when they keep coming near him he hooks off! He knocks out one player, just before kicking another one. Next time the players will not be so quick to press him. Check it out after the jump.

(Caught On Camera) The Perfect Reason Why NOT To Do Drugs

A group of junkies were caught on camera, well, being junkies. This video should make everyone think twice before wanting to try ANY type of D-rug.. SMH! Hit the jump for the wacky vid of the day.

*Updated* Caught On Camera: Man Gets BRUTALLY Attacked After Hitting Bikers With SUV

So this made major news today. Yesterday on the West Side Highway in NYC, a pack of motorcyclists chased down a man named Alexian Lien after he hit a bunch of the bikers with his SUV. When the group of bikers caught up with the driver, they dragged him out of his car and beat the SH*T out of him while his wife and young child were subjected to watched. They reportedly slashed his face up with a knife and punched him over and over again. Check out the disturbing video footage after the jump caught by one of the biker’s helmet cameras! — UPDATED: Photos surfaced of the biker that got hit by the man’s Range Rover and it is NOT pretty. Check out the gruesome flick in the gallery.

(Video) WNBA: Players Get Technical Foul For Kissing Each Other On The Court

Something you definitely do not see everyday. Two WNBA players were given technical fouls after one of them kissed the other on the cheek. Phoenix Mercury star Diana Taurasi and Minnesota Lynx Seimone Augustus were getting frustrated with each other on the court. After a little bit of body bumps and slight shoves, the ref comes to step in to stop anything from happening, and that is when Taurasi planted a wet one on the cheek of Augustus. She did not care about it, the two players have known each other since they were 12 years old, but for whatever reason the ref did not like it and gave the techs’. Hit the jump for the video.

(Video) Better Luck Next Time: Wanna-Be Robber Gets Sprayed With Bug Spray By Store Owner

This potential robber ran up into a store with hopes of robbing it, until the store owner whipped out a big ol’ can of bug spray. Needless to say, the robber ran out of that store ASAP. Click below to peep the wild footage caught on camera.

(*Graphic**Photos/Video*) Bus Driver Fired After Commuter Catches Him Doing THIS!!!

For 21 and 1/2 years, George Simpson Jr. has been driving NJ Transit buses, however, there is no seniority when it’s comes to who gets to jerk around on the job… literally! On June 24th, while pulling into the toll plaza at the Lincoln Tunnel, Simpson pulled out at the same time –much to the dismay of a Manhattan librarian that caught it all on tape.

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