Auto:(Video) Watch These Dudes Brawl In The Street Until Big Mama Comes!

No clue what sets this off but these dudes are getting it IN!! Traffic comes to a stop and one dude gets out of his car for an unknown reason. He walks to the car in front of his and appears to talk some sh*t! When the guy tries to get out it is on from there. Too bad for the first man, he winds up getting jumped until his mom gets out the car and shuts that down quick. They really are banging it out in the street as if nobody is there. Check it out after the jump.

Auto:(Video) You Better Never Valet Your Car Here!!

Valet parking is pretty common place now. You hand over your keys and usually don’t think twice. This valet setup at the Hyatt hotel might make you reconsider. Obviously it was just an accident but still, someone has to be held responsible for damages. The employee parks a car on the side and must of forgot to pull the emergency brake and it was a manual transmission. That equals disaster!! I feel bad for the guy because he is probably looking for a new job. Check it out after the jump.

Auto:(Video) BMW & Audi Racers Cause Dramatic Crash In A Tunnel

I hope both of these dumbass drivers get long prison sentences for what they caused. Just cause you have a fast car is not a license to act like your in a video game. If your gonna be crazy with your car, make sure other innocent people are far from any destruction. These 2 idiots didn’t think before they tried to race in a tunnel. They try to get in the same lane at the same time while both doing close to 100mph. What results is a dramatic crash where many other innocent drivers got hurt as cars flip over or get smashed into walls. Thankfully nobody died, but hopefully these 2 dudes had their licenses put to rest. Check out the video after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Crazy!! This Dude Is Lucky He Isn’t Dead On The Ground

This dude made me laugh after the crash. First off he is lucky he isn’t dead after smashing his scooter into the side of a car at a pretty decent rate of speed. But then he has the nerve to get mad at the driver of the car, but if you notice the car had the light, which means the scooter man ran a light that most likely just turned red. The scooter is in a bunch of pieces, but he should be thanking the Lord he isn’t the one in pieces. Check the video after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Prank Video Goes Wrong, Gets Serious!

Roman Atwood is a dude who makes pretty funny prank videos on youtube. This is one of the few that didn’t go over so well. A guy driving a Ferrari parked in a handicapped space. The man was not disabled in anyway so Roman took it upon himself to teach the douche bag driver a lesson. He takes a water bottle and puts it in his pants and pretends to walk over and pee on the Ferrari when the driver charges out of the building after him. You can tell the guy is a real dickhead cause he tells the prankster he will “buy his entire family”. Nice way to be humble with your wealth. I wish he really was peeing on the car. Check it out after the jump.

Auto(Video) A Deadly Reminder Of What Drunk Driving Can Do ( Graphic Video)

As much as people try to prevent drunk driving by constantly raising awareness it never seems to work. No matter how many deadly accident scenes people may see, or hear of loved ones killed by drunk driving, it seems to be an epidemic that will be around as long as cars are. I really hate doing stories like this but they need to be done. This one especially sucks because the drunk driver who caused the accident lived, while the innocent driver was killed immediately, smh. Prayers to the victim and the family. Watch the video after the jump.

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