NBA:(Video) LMAO…Gross!! See What This Fan Did On Camera

Anytime you watch basketball games, there is always that one part when the camera is on the announcers and they are discussing parts of the game. You also always see some fans in the background who are trying to get on camera by making stupid faces or just constantly waving to the camera. None of them got anything on this dude. I feel like this guy looks like someone, but I guess it was just my imagination. He has to know he is on camera by the wink he gives towards the end. Watch what this guy does after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Car Accident Turns Man Into Jackie Chan

You usually only see this type of action in a movie. The Honda Accord has a minor traffic incident with 2 other guys. It looks like one of them winds up on the hood of the car before rolling off and trying to karate kick the driver window. But the second guy is the amazing one. As the Honda starts to pull off again, all you see is a man coming over top of the car and flying through the air like he was a stunt double in a fighting movie. It is pretty impressive, but I wonder what would of happened if the car never took off and stayed there. Would we have seen the best fight scene ever? lol. Check the video after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Man Walking Gets Destroyed By Out Of Control Car..Graphic

This video is crazy!! Walking and minding your business one minute, and the next your body is flying through the air. That is what happened when this car in Turkey, lost control and slid sideways and completely took out a pedestrian sending him flying into a building. No word on the man walking yet, but it looks really bad. Check it after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Ferrari Loses Control, Crashes Into Pedestrians!!

When your watching a car race as a spectator, you are never truly safe. Especially when the only thing between you and the track are some cheap orange barriers. That is what was in place for safety on this race track in Brazil. A yellow Ferrari 458 lost control and took a few people out in the process. Everyone injured was rushed to the hospital. Check out the video after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Crazy!! 2 Streetbikes Crash Into The Same car!!

Straight from the rider’s point of view! 1 car, 2 cameras, 2 bikes, and 2 guys on the way to the hospital. Check it out after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Surprise Car Crash In The Dark

Driving at night always has it hazards. You can not see as far as you might like to. You can’t see if cops are hiding to catch you speeding. And you can’t always see things that would pose a threat to your safety. In this video below, the driver gets a surprise of a lifetime when a car literally pops up out of nowhere, because the idiot driver of that car left it abandoned on the highway. No word if the driver in the car with the camera survived, or how badly he/she was injured. Watch the video after the jump.

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