(Video) WTF?! Man Caught On Tape Having Sex With A Porsche!

I know there are plenty of auto enthusiasts out here, but this guy needs some help! This sexy white Porsche gets it from the front and the back by this idiot. Check out the video!

(Video) Florida Man Robs 77 Year Old Woman In Elevator And Gets Stuck Inside

Surveillance cameras caught an armed robber red handed as he flashed a knife and stole an elderly woman’s purse on an elevator. The 77 year old woman said, the man demanded that she give up her purse; and she complied. As the coward tried to leave the elevator, the doors closed in his face. Watch the video!

(Warning: Graphic Video) Shocking Footage Of Philadelphia Suicide

A Philadelphia suicide was caught on camera today. Unfortunately, the man could not be stopped before he jumped from the top of a sky scraper. The sound of him hitting the ground is gut-wrenching. Warning, this is a graphic video!

(Video) Caught On Tape: Climbers On Mt. Everest When Earthquake Hit

German Climber Jost Kobusch captured live footage while being caught in an avalanche on Mount Everest following the earthquake in Nepal. Tune in after the jump for the video that got 1,507,704 views in just a few hours!

Caught On Tape: Police Caught Beating A Suspected DUI Motorist On Camera

These stories are never good. A man named Sean Reardon claims he was driving on February 18th in Chico, California at about 9:30 PM when he was pulled over for a broken tail light and expired tags. According to him, he was tackled to the ground “multiple times with extreme violence, with a baton, club or stick without provocation.” He then says he was thrown into a van and taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries which include a broken nose, sternum and ribs. However, there is more to the story than Reardon is explaining. The Butte County Chief Deputy D.A. have issued a statement explaining that the man had a warrant for a gun charge that he never appeared in court on and attempted to run from the police when he was pulled over because he knew he was going to get caught. He also refused to put his hands up and kept them around his waist area, which is an absolute no-no for police. Not to mention, Reardon blew a .14 which is TWICE the legal limit. Reardon was hit with a bunch of felony charges including evading a peace officer, DUI, DUI with alcohol or drugs within 10 years of a prior, and resisting an executive officer.

Caught On Tape: Ratchets Throw Down In Florida Waffle House With Their A$$ & T*tties Hanging Out!

For the record, we do NOT condone ratchetness over here at InFlexWeTrust (or do we?) but these caught on tape fight videos are just way too entertaining to not thoroughly enjoy. A bunch of ratchets leaving the club, or possibly their job hitting the pole at the strip joint, were caught banging out in a waffle house in Orlando with their a*s and t*tties hanging out of their dresses. All we see is straight CAKE and punches. Wow, what a view. Peep the extreme ratchet behavior below. These chicks are wild!

18+ Caught On Tape: WTF! Man Kicks His Girl Out The House On Easter BUTT A$$ NAKED!

Easter is supposed to be a time where families get together and have a nice, peaceful day together. However for a woman in New York, it did not turn out that way. She was caught on tape getting kicked out of her boyfriend’s apartment in the middle of the day BUTT A$$ NAKED on Easter Sunday. Just as people typically do, nobody offered to call the police or even help her cover up. Instead, they all just recorded away on their iPhones and yelled “WORLDSTAR” repeatedly. Oh, what a world we live in. Check out the caught on tape footage below.

(Video) Out Of Control: Kevin Gates Gets Into A Crazy Fight With TWO Women During A Show

Rapper Kevin Gates is king of controversy and this stunt just further proves his title. During a show he was doing at Z Club in Flint, Michigan on Sunday night, the rapper who has sex with his cousin and kicks girls out for not giving his puppy head got into a fight with not one but TWO females during his performance. The girls kept on grabbing Gates while he was performing, causing him to shake them off. However, he then tried to go after the girls and get at them all crazy. His security pulled Gates back and the show went on. Later on into the show, he got into it with yet ANOTHER female and he was swinging his elbows into the crowd, trying to hit her. Although it is unclear if he ever actually hit anyone, but no cops were called so hopefully not. Check out the video footage obtained from the performance below.

(Caught On Tape) Travi$ Scott Gets Into Fight With Concert Goer Over Alleged Chain Snatching

During a recent show in Scottsdale, Arizona with Young Thug, rapper Travi$ Scott got into a physical altercation with a random concert goer after they tried to allegedly snatch his chain. Video footage has been captured showing Travi$ and Thugger walking throughout the crowd when a man tried to take Scott’s chain, causing the two to begin banging out right during the show. The fight only lasted a few seconds before security came and took the alleged thief away. Absolute mayhem! Check out the caught on tape footage below.

(Video) Oh Sh*t! A Mouthy Fan Gets Beat Down For Getting Loud With Ghostface Killah!

Rule #1: NEVER mess with the man with the mic in his hand. Wu-Tang rapper Ghostface Killah was performing at a tattoo convention in Amarillo, Texas last week when a mouthy fan started giving him the finger and cursing at him for no apparent reason. Ghostface threatened the man from the stage area, letting him know he needs to CHILL asap before he gets punched in the face. However, GK’s super loyal fans ended up jumping the dude with the attitude problem, teaching him a serious lesson. The cops dragged the man out and police questioned him, but no charges were filed. But of course just as we’d expect, the whole ordeal was caught on tape. Check out the video below!

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