(Caught On Tape) New Orleans Woman Stabs Random Pedestrians On The Street

A suspicious looking woman was caught on tape stabbing up random locals on Decatur Street in New Orleans on November 30th, 2014. The disturbing footage was captured from nearby surveillance cameras on the street. However, the police have yet to make any arrests in this extremely disturbing case. In the video, you can see the woman roaming up and down the streets looking for a new victim to poke up with her knife. Although the stab wounds were not fatal, this woman is still posing a huge threat to the community. Check out the highly disturbing video footage of the stabbing below. Let’s hope the police can find this wacko ASAP!

(Caught On Tape) NYC Bus Driver Fights Teen For Not Paying His Fare!

Being that we live in an era where camera phones capture everything, it’s almost impossible for anything to be missed. The latest fight drama to be caught on tape is a NYC MTA bus driver lashing out at a 16-year-old teenager for refusing to pay his bus fare. Check out the heated confrontation below!

(Caught On Tape) Pervert Alert! Cab Driver Caught Red Handed With His Pants Down!

A man busted a Bronx cab driver red handed with his pants down in his vehicle. The worst part is that the driver was behind a school bus full of little kids. What a pervert! See the cab driver getting barked on below. SMH! Hope dude got his ID number.

(18+ Video) Caught On Tape: Couple ‘Smashing’ On The Street Between 2 Cars

Actually, I can’t tell if this is a couple, or dude got a hooker, but either way, these are 2 nasty motherf***ers!!

(Video) Lloyd Banks Pushes Security Guards For Interfering With His Fan Bonding Time!

Lloyd Banks was recently overseas in Hungry for a show. Before he hit the stage, he was kickin’ it with his fans in the crowd when a bunch of security guards tried to rip him away from the audience. Banks reacted quickly and yelled, “Get the F*ck off! I don’t need security!” The G-Unit soldier is a true team player when it comes to his die-hard fans. Check out the caught on tape moment below.

(Video) Caught On Dashcam: Man Gets Beat Up By Mickey Mouse & Sponge Bob After Car Accident

This is some funny sh**, in Russia, looks like some local cops were cruising along when their dash cam picked up a minor collision so the y slowed up behind to see what was gonna happen, and as the lead driver, that got hit from behind while trying to get in the middle lane, got out approached the 2nd vehicle, well that’s when it got nuts…

(Video) Caught On Tape: Broad Daylight Shooting In New Orleans

Looks like a few days ago in Central City in New Orleans 2 guys got into a scuffle, and 2 other guys with one of the guys in the scuffle decided to break up the fight with gun shots, while the 2 were scuffling.

(Video) HILARIOUS! Little Boy Goes OFFFFF On His Mom For Getting Pregnant Again

Little kids often get jealous when their mother’s decide to have more children because the attention gets shifted from them to the newborn. A mom caught her son’s reaction on tape after telling him she was pregnant. His reaction is absolutely PRICELESS! Check it out below for a good laugh.

(Video) Absolutely AMAZING: ‘Work For Diddy’ Contestant Films HERSELF Giving Birth In A Car!

A contestant from Diddy’s reality TV show “I Wanna Work For Diddy” named Brianna Smith was rushing to the hospital to give birth to her baby in Houston but she just could not make it in time. While she was pushing, she managed to give birth to her baby boy named Theodore Roosevelt Smith IV AND was able to record the whole ordeal via her smartphone. Yeah, we’re not sure how that works either but that’s definitely requires some serious skill. Check out the amazing video below to see it for yourself!

(Graphic Video) Caught On Tape: Man Shot Point Blank In The Face

On Sunday(7/27/14) at around 8:16p in the evening the whole thing was caught on CCTV, in front of a local bodega in East New York on the corner of Stanley Ave. at Van Siclen Ave, one guy(the ‘suspect’) walks up on the other guy then suddenly pulls what looks like to be a small caliber gun(maybe a 380) runs toward him and fires in his face.

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