iPhone 5S & 5C Coming To WHAT Carriers?!

That’s right, for all of those people out there living that month to month life, only spending $30 to $50 on their mobile needs, only seeing others with the iPhone, You too can join in on the Reindeer(iOS) games!! Boost and Virgin Mobile will be getting the New iPhones!!!

Tech Talk News: Verizon Experience Outages Today???

That’s what reports are saying, and it seems their Twitter account is on Fire, Hit the Jump to See, let us know if you’re experiencing issue’s. +TatWZA

Tech Talk Pricing: Monthly Money You Would Spend On The iPhone 4S!!!

Ok This is the Info that may get you off the fence one way or the other, Pricing for the 3 different Carriers the iPhone 4S will be on, just Hit the Jump!!! WZA on Google+

Tech Talk Leak: Sprint Releases More Evidence That The iPhone 5 Is Coming!!!

The leak after the Jump is of a pic of an internal document stating that Sprint will go through a ‘Blackout’ because of a mojor Phone release, and the date coincide with the iPhone 5 release, We are LESS than a month away people, isn’t it exciting??? Tat WZA WZA on Google+

Tech Talk Fake: Unboxing Of The iPhone 5???

NO, it’s the FAKE iPhone 5, and if you ask me it looks big and stupid, and Hopefully NOT what the iPhone 5 really looks like! I’m sure it doesn’t, but see this Video for yourself! Tat WZA WZA on Google+

Tech Talk Word Is: Sprint’s Unlimited Plan Will Meet The iPhone!!!

Word on on the Tech Street(bloomberg reported) is Sprint will keep it’s true unlimited Plan for NEW iPhone 5 customers!! You should Hit the Jump to see how this will really impact you! Tat WZA WZA on Google+

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