TBS Cancels Cee Lo’s Reality Show After Rape Controversy

Shortly after obtaining his own reality TV show, Cee Lo Green will be getting his show canceled by TBS. TBS wants nothing to do with Cee Lo Green. Find out the details as to why TBS decided to cancel his show and how rape ties into all of this….

Cee-Lo Green Dropped From Freedom LIVE Music Festival For WHAT?!

Things have just been spiraling out of control for Cee-Lo since pleading no contest to charges from 2012 that claimed he slipped ecstasy in a woman’s drink. Because of the alleged sexual assault the concert’s organizer took to their Facebook page to announce that Cee-Lo had be been dropped form the Festival’s line-up. Hit the jump to read the entire notice that was posted.

5 Popular Songs Originally Written For Different Artists

1.”Happy” by Pharrell Williams was initially intended for Cee-Lo. However when he recorded it people were not feeling it. 2.”SOS” by Rihanna was given to Christina Millian who turned the song down. 3.”We Can’t stop” by Miley Cyrus was originally suppose to go to Rihanna but she turned the song down so Mike Will offered it to Miley 4.”Telephone” by Lady Gaga was written for Britney Spears but she did not like it, so Gaga kept the song and added Beyonce to it. 5.”Irreplaceable” by Beyonce was written by Ne-Yo for Faith Hill and it was intended to be a country song.

Cee-Lo Green Cleared Of Sexual Assault But Charged With What?!

The L.A. County D.A. will be clearing Cee-Lo Green of sexual assault, after a woman alleged the singer/The Voice host he’d drugged her drink and then took advantage of her, and she OENO it. Insufficient evidence combined with the fact that the “victim” and Cee-Lo had been dating for months and had already been intimate are the reason he will be cleared, however, he WILL be charged with possession of ecstasy. The possession charge is considered a felony, and he may be arraigned as early as this afternoon, but most people with such a first offense will only get probation.

(Video) T.I. Ft. Cee-Lo Green – Hello

T.I. and Cee-Lo give us the music video for their latest single, “Hello.” Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head is available now! Check out the heat on the desert in the video after the jump!

Does This Make Them Crazy? TBS To Give Cee-Lo A Reality TV Show

Well, it’s about time somebody did it! We’ve seen all his eccectric ways in his videos, through his music and, of course as a judge on The Voice but TBS is finally giving Cee Lo a chance to fully show every aspect of his personality. Hit the jump for more details…..

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