Tennis: Serena Williams Uses Her “Superhero” Powers to Chase Down Man Who Stole Her Cell Phone

Serena Williams is hailing herself as a superhero this morning claiming she chased down a crook who swiped her cell phone Tuesday night and she got her phone back!

(Video) South Carolina Officer Fired After Attacking High School Student

South Carolina sheriff’s deputy, officer Ben Fields was fired today, just days after a video of him attacking a female student at Spring Valley High School went viral. In the video, you can see Fields grabbing the student by her neck, and attempting to yank her out of her desk. He then proceeds to flip the desk over while she’s still seated and throw her across the room. The incident occurred Monday, the officer was suspended without pay and then ultimately fired, Wednesday. Read more below.

(Video) FL Officer Mistakes Phone For Gun Caught On Cam Shooting Unarmed Teen

The alarming video of a Florida police officer shooting a teen in the back after mistaking a cell phone for a gun as surfaced and is raising more questions about police strategy. The shooting took place back in September 2013 but the video has just been released on account of a federal suit.

Score One For The People!! Supreme Court Shuts Down Cops From Just Grabbing Your Phone!!!

The US Supreme Court has sided with the people vs. law enforcement! Now should you get stopped or pulled over, a cop can NOT just ask or grab your phone, they have to have a warrant. They used 2 cases, Riley v. California and U.S. v. Wurie to make there decision, and these are BS cases, gangs and drugs.

Inmates Rake in $300K Each Doing Phone Scams While IN Prison!

You’re supposed to go to jail, do your time, and leave right? Well apparently these inmates said no, lets add on some larceny charges and extend our stays because we like it here SO much! According to a Corrections Officer in Georgia State is under fire for running a prison phone scam ring which raked in as much as $300,000 each.

Ummm, Thug Life? Justin Bieber Under Investigation (Again) After Allegedly Jacking Woman For Her Phone!

Justin Bieber just CANNOT stay out of trouble. The pop-star is currently being investigated by LAPD after a woman filed a claim against the 20-year-old saying he robbed her for her phone. The woman is claiming while she was at Sherman Oaks Castle Park at the batting cages, she noticed JB and his posse getting into a fight with a man at the batting cage. She reached for her phone and began snapping away when the Biebz peeped and went ape sh*t on her. He demanded to see her phone to erase the flicks of him acting out but she refused so he allegedly stole the phone from the woman. After he was unsuccessful in cracking her lock code, he gave it back but made her unlock it in front of him to double check there were no pics. The woman then allegedly told JB she and her 13-year-old daughter just wanted to say hi when he then yelled, “You’re humiliating yourself in front of your daughter. Why don’t you just get out of here.” Her daughter started to cry hysterically and they left. If this is all true… YIKES! That boy needs an intervention ASAP rocky.

(Video) What Is ‘Cell Phone Crashing’ And Why Is It So Funny?!?

Talking on the phone in public is hard enough with the background noise — especially in the city. But think about it from another perspective. How would you react to someone being ridiculously loud on the phone and they’re near you? For example: while on the bus, in an office, or home, someone decides to unofficially include you in their phone convo (by talking loud on the phone around you). Instead of taking the traditional route of asking them to quiet down, why not have fun at their expense? Hit the jump for the full scoop.

(Video) Caught On Tape: Cops Punch Special Needs Woman In The Face

The use of consumer technology is always up to each person, and someone used their smartphone to videotape this incident between the LA police and woman with special needs.

(Video) R. Kelly Hijacked Dude’s Phone And Does WHAT With It?!

R. Kelly hijacked a random dude’s cell phone this weekend in New York… then recorded a XMAS music video for the guy. LOL. On Friday night at Papa Juan Cigar Room in Harlem, R. Kelly showed up with his entourage. One of the guys began recording Kelly with his camera phone. Then R. Kelly jacked the guy’s cell … and recorded his rendition of “Chestnuts Roasting.” Hilarious. See below.

(Video) Migos – “Chirpin”

This had me confused for a minute! LOL! “Chirpin” is Migos’s new visual directed by Cricket. This has cell phone company endorsements all over it! You better get on that STAT, Migos. Hit the jump and check out the track from the mixtape, Young Rich N***as.

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