Hollywood Shooting Incident The Cause Of “Stomach Problems” & Another Hospital Visit For Suge Knight


Boy, it’s something about those courtroom appearances that are not agreeing with Suge Knight’s injuries. The former Death Row CEO, who is currently in police custody on a hit-and-run murder charge, was scheduled to appear in court on a robbery case – involving he and Katt Williams – today, however “stomach problems” is the reason for yet another postponement.

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Kendrick Lamar’s Leaked Tracklist Is Fraudulent!


Like Meek Mill’s Dreams Worth More Than Money album, I’ve been anxiously waiting for Kendrick Lamar’s upcoming piece of work. So, when reports of a potential tracklist for K. Dot began to float around the net, i (love myself) got a little excited. However, spirits are once again shattered thanks to Top Dawg Entertainment’s leading man, Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith. The CEO confirms that what we saw was not real.

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CEO Quits Job After His Daughter Gives Him A List Of All The Moments He’s Missed In Her Life


It’s not often or ever that you hear a CEO just up and quiting.

But what if the CEO had a wake-up call… from his 10-year-old daughter?

Seems like something that would happen in a movie, but in REAL LIFE we can say that Mohamed El-Erian [CEO of the investment fund Pimco] has dropped everything revolving around work to make sure he spends time with his little girl.

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(Photo) TDE CEO Confirms, “K. Dot & Jay Rock” Music Will Be Coming Soon!?


With the highly anticipated sophomore album from Kendrick Lamar on the way, rumors are running ramped. WatchLOUD had announced via Twitter, that K. Dot would release a single titled, “I Love Myself” sometime next week. That tweet has since been removed, which could only mean that there is some truth to it, right? We Wish! HNHH says that the track is actually titled, “I” – Love Myself dropped. What ever it is called, I just want to hear it.

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(Video) Vevo’s CEO, Rio Caraeff, Is Ready For Revolt’s Music Conference. Are You?


Set to be one of the biggest events for musicians, (potential) management and bloggers alike, big names are set to hit the big stage; the panel. Don’t believe me? Here’s word from the CEO of Vevo, Rio Caraeff.

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(Video) Awkward! Apple’s Tim Cook Gets Outed As ‘Openly Gay’ CEO During CNBC Broadcast


Ok some of you are not going to agree with this, but as a techie, I could give 2 sh*ts if Tim Cook is gay or not, just cause it’s NOT my cup of tea doesn’t mean I or you have any right to worry about where Tim is doing with his personal time. With that being said, although Tim has the right to keep his sexuality to himself, was it so bad that this MSNBC ‘newscaster’ spoke on his preference??

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*Updated* NBA: Former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, Bids $2 Billion For Clippers, But Is It The Winning Bid?!

Steve Ballmer

Former Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer has submitted a bid of $2 billion to buy the Los Angeles Clippers.  There are various reports as to IF it’s the winning bid.  So is it?!  Hit the jump for details…

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NBA: It Doesn’t Stop — New Clippers CEO Has His Own Shady Secrets

IFWT_Dick P  2

Geez, the Clippers can’t catch a break. First the whole Donald Sterling mess and now we’re learning the new Clippers CEO, Richard Parsons,  has some shady secrets of his own.  He has a secret love child with his model mistress and that baby mama is confirming the news…

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NBA: Donald Sterling Eat Your Heart Out! NBA Appoints Black Man To Run Clippers


Donald Sterling isn’t dead yet, but if he was he would be rolling over in his grave with this news. With Sterling being banned and the president of the Clippers taking a leave of absence, the league today appointed Dick Parson as CEO of the organization. Parsons is the former CEO of both Time Warner and Citi group. Irony is at work here on such a high level. A man who made such racist remarks now has to watch with no power as his team is ran by a person he probably wouldn’t even want at the games to begin with. Hit the jump.

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Making Moves!! Congrats To Alex Cameron And Lin Dai For Becoming CEO & CMO At Keek!!!

IFWT_keek logo

For those that may be under a digital rock, Keek is a Video app that serves up 36 seconds of fun, and millions of Teens and a good bit of celebrities are using it on an hourly basis…and now they have a brand new CEO and CMO to take it to the next level!!

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