50 Cent’s SMS Audio Drops NEW Products, Flavors And Price!!!

While At CES I ran Across these, But checking back, They are available for purchase. Now I like the Syncs/Streets, but a good bit of ppl have checked in with me about the Price, well seems as though 50 has listened, at least a little bit. Now with a price drop and NEW Flavors, will you get the Sync’s / Streets?!?! Before you answer, hit the gallery to see the flavors!!!!

Liquipel Introduces “Liquipod” At #CES2013

CES is known for their groundbreaking gadgets and innovations and waterproofing company Liquipel looks to make another splash (no pun intended) with their waterproofing company.  With the waterproofing of ipod and iPhone devices, Liquipel says they have improved their its first-generation solution and looking to introduce “Liquipod”. The company says they can waterproof any tech gadget. If your’re not familair with  Liquipel after the break check out their solution 2.0 on gadgets. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

StreamBoost To Be Demo’d At CES 2013

In an average family of 5 household, assuming all children are 13+ there’s a chance they have between 7-10 devices connected at one time, in a data active family. That number in some households may even be light, which puts crazy strain on your router. Qualcomm has come up with software that fixes this altogether. Tat Wza

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