HipHopGamer Sees The Future Of Gaming With Playstation NOW, OculusVR & More!!!!

I’ve already shown you how CRAZY #CES2014 was, But One of the Biggest things announced was Sony’s Playstation NOW, an incredible Gaming Streaming Service, that in my opinion WILL change the ‘game’!!

(Video) Was This Robot Too Deadly To Be At CES?!

#CES2014 Had a plethora of Robots, most were Cool, or useful, but I would have loved to have seen this bot below in action!

(Videos) Sexy Women, Playstation NOW, Wearable Tech, And Playing Fruit Ninja With Your Eyes!! #CES2014

I’m not gonna lie, there were WAY more women at CES this year, and as single man, I was NOT mad!! There were also plenty of really cool ass pieces of tech this year, stuff that even I was surprised to see!

WWE Announces 24/7 Streaming Network

Great news for wrestling fans! WWE made a groundbreaking announcement at CES last night — a 24/7 streaming network! Check out when it will launch & details after the jump…

Will Samsung Drop #TheNextBigThing At The Super Bowl?!?! (Video)

L-O-L, in this Super Bowl, “El Plato Supreme” commercial starring Seth Rogan, Paul Rudd and…..damn what’s the other guys name…Oh yeah Saul Goodman, come up with the best way to make this commercial 0_O, If you haven’t seen this very funny(in My Opinion) commercial, hit the jump, as well as My guess as to what #thenextbigthing is!!!

Here’s Viddy’s View of #2013CES

Here’s Viddy at #2013CES !!! Tat Wza

(PHOTO) Boxing: Is 50 Cent Supposed To Be Hanging Out With Him?!

50’s been busy promoting his SMS headphones at CES (Shout out to Tat!) this week in Vegas.  I heard Fif got people going crazy out there!  Earlier today, Fif shared a pic from the convention –  it’s a picture of 50 with Mike Tyson and one other person that made us wonder how Floyd is going to feel about this?! Check it out after the jump & let us know what you think… GameTimeGirl

#IFWT At #2013CES *Update*

This is the week all tech ethuiastist look forward for. And you know we take our tech serious over here at #ifwt. And the homie @TatWZA is over at CES reporting back with the latest and greatest via twitter and Instagram. After the break check out the sights of CES. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Samsung Unveils Flexible OLED At CES

  Today Samsung played up their much talked about Flexible OLED, Samsung is calling it (for the moment) the Youm. Samsung demoed the product during their Keynote speech at CES. Samsung defiantly played up the product and Samsung’s Stephen Woo said the product’s ability “Because OLEDs produce their own light, [they] don’t require thick, heavy, power-consuming back lights,” said Brian Berkeley, the senior vice president of Samsung’s display lab. “Now, thanks to Samsung technology, they can be flexible, too.” Samsung’s Berkeley then brought out displays of the actucal product that wooed the crowd at CES. I hope Apple is taking note, this is what you call innovation and not retooling existing products. After the break check out Samsung’s Flexible OLED. Yungjohmnnybravo x TatWZA

Huawei Unveils Worlds Largest Smartphone At CES

Yesterday mobile smartphone maker Huawei, unveiled the worlds largest smartphone. Coming in at full 6.1-inch HD display, Huawei’s Ascend becomes the first smartphone to cross over to 6 inches. After the break watch a video comparison of the Ascend and Samsung’s Galaxy Note II. YungJohnnybravo x TatWZA

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