(Video) Celebrities Bring Back The ‘Food Stamp Challenge’

How bout let’s not: Celebrities Bring Back The ‘Food Stamp Challenge’ and attempt to “endure poverty” on a strict budget for one week (SMH). Check please! …But seriously the latest to sign up for New York’s #FoodBankNYCChallenge has caught a lot of flack, many say rightly so. Is this a good thing, the definition of being “on the wrong side of right” or just one big nah???

NBA: Kevin Durant Says Any Player Who Wants His All Star Spot Can Play Him One-On-One For It

When Damian Lillard and DeMarcus Cousins were initially left off the western conference all star team, some people were upset saying they got snubbed and some other players didn’t deserve the spot. The players they were mainly referring to were Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook who both have obvious all star talent, but missed some games due to injury during the first half of the season. Cousins was eventually added by the commissioner, but Lillard was still one of a few deserving players left off. Don’t expect KD to feel too bad about being selected because he knows he is one of the best in the world regardless and issued a challenge to any player who wants his spot.

(Video) Sports: Former Boxing Champ Challenges Justin Bieber To Fight His Son, And He Is Dead Serious

This is what happens when keeping it real goes wrong. Justin Bieber has been known to occasionally work out with his friend Floyd Mayweather and he always makes sure to take a bunch of pics and videos so people know he is in the gym. Well former champion Fernando Vargas noticed and he wants Bieber to box his younger son, Fernando Jr. He isn’t just saying it either, they seem really bent on actually making it happen and I can promise you the Biebs isn’t gonna want any part of this.

(Video) Sam Jackson Challenges All Celebs That Did Ice Bucket To Get Involved!!

Sam Jackson Challenges All Celebs, Somebody had to say it, this past summer we all couldn’t enough of seeing people pour ice water on themselves, while in the name of ALS, many celebs participated in the Ice Bucket challenge, but with the country protesting about police brutality, where are the celebs now?? Well Sam has challenged them to sing this song…

(Photo) Boxing: Manny Pacquiao Lists Two Main Reasons He Wants Floyd Mayweather In The Ring

Manny Pacquiao is really pulling out all the stops in an effort to get Floyd Mayweather to face off with him in the ring. Now he is bringing his own son into it and at the same time kinda trying to guilt trip Floyd into the fight using fans as the reason. The two have been throwing shots at each other for months via social media, but maybe due to the current situation Floyd is going through, Manny kept this one respectful and just issued the challenge again. He goes on to give his two main reasons for wanting the money man in the ring.

(Video) Sports: TV Legend Believes That He Could Beat Shaq At A Free Throw Challenge

The NBA Legend was a terrible free throw shooter throughout his career, even causing coaches to develop a “Hack-A-Shaq” strategy that called for players to foul Shaq just to send him to the line. Reporters recently caught up with 80’s TV show star Tom Selleck, who was quite the basketball player back in his time, and Selleck called Shaq out. Hit the jump for details.

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