(Video) NBA: Charles Oakley Basically Says This Year’s Playoffs Sucks & MJ Hates Crying Jordan Meme

Charles Oakley has never been one to hold his tongue and he’s at it again.  He was stopped by a TMZ cameraman who mentioned the playoffs are amazing.  Well Oakley doesn’t think so.  He also discussed the Michael Jordan crying meme and says Jordan hates it.

NBA: Charles Oakley Says the NBA is Hard to Watch Now & There’s More Bad Games Than Good

Most people that are old enough to remember, all say that the NBA in the late 80’s through the 90’s was the best.  Many people are nostalgic for the old NBA where the rules weren’t “soft”, the players were “tougher” and played harder.  Charles Oakley is from that era and is known as one of those rougher players so of course he isn’t a fan of the NBA today.  Just after he left is when the NBA changed the rules allowing zone defenses and changed the enforcement not allowing hand-checking on the perimeter.  Oakley was in Toronto for Charles Oakley bobblehead night Saturday and said he can barely watch the NBA these days.

(Photos) NBA: Patrick Ewing, Spike Lee, Kobe, Reggie Miller & More Pay Respect To Anthony Mason

Based on how Anthony Mason carried himself and the way he played the game of basketball, you knew alot of people involved with the league are going to want to show respect to Mason and his family on this tough day. Everyone from Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant, to former teammates like Patrick Ewing & Charles Oakley and even former rival Reggie Miller spoke on the life and legacy of the one we knew as Mase! Check out the gallery to see their heartfelt comments and keep reading for more.

NBA: Throwback Video of Michael Jordan Dancing With Charles Oakley Will Amuse You

How can you not be entertained by this?!   Check out Michael Jordan on Oprah from back in the day and she surprises him with a video of himself dancing with Charles Oakley & others.  This is just too great…

NBA: Here’s What Michael Jordan Did For His Bachelor Party…

No strippers?! C’mon MJ! Lol. I’m kidding, I’m kidding (kinda) – everyone relax. Michael Jordan celebrated his bachelor party in the Dominican Republic last weekend. So what did he do and who was there?! Find out after the jump…

NBA: Charles Oakley Rips Dwight Howard

Former NBA tough guy Charles Oakley is likening Dwight Howard to a “crying” kid who needed to be put in “timeout.” Oakley was doing an ESPN Radio interview when he blasted the Orlando Magic’s former franchise center center for the petulant behavior that ultimately paved the way for his trade to the Los Angeles Lakers earlier this month. Sabrina B.

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