(Video) It Was Only A Matter Of Time… Charles Ramsey’s Interview Has Been Autotuned!

You knew it was going to happen eventually. The now-infamous interview Charles Ramsey gave to reporters after saving 3 women from their 10-year-long kidnapping has been autotuned! Listen to the “new song” below.

Whoa! Charles Ramsey Isn’t So Great Of A Guy After All …

I feel bad for the ex-wife of Charles Ramsey. While the world praises her former husband for his hilarious interviews and his accidental heroic feats, she’s probably shaking her head, as this same man used to BEAT her on way more than one occasion. He’s done a handful of bids for it, and though she says they’re on “an okay basis” for now, she also revealed he’s never paid any child support for the daughter they share. So sad.

(Video+Audio) The Realness: @BlackRicanJew & @oldmanebro Talks Charles Ramsey Being A Hero!

Charles Ramsey is an overnight hero who saved three girls from a kidnapper that held them captive for a little over ten years. HOT 97’s morning show had a, “That’s Racist” moment, because of Ramsey’s appearance and verbal skills, or lack there of. It’s funny (LOL!), but does a hero suppose to have a specific kind of look?! Drop down bottom and check it out!

(Video + Photos) After 10yrs Of Being Held Captive 3 Kidnapped Women Have Been Found !!!

A little over a decade ago, Cleveland residents, Amanda Berry, Gina Dejesus, and Michelle Knight were kidnapped by a man named, Ariel Castro. The three women were kidnapped on the same street, and while being held against their will, was sexually assaulted, beaten, and tortured. All of the victims were chained to a bed, in the basement, by their necks and waists. Berry, now in her late 20s has a 6-year-old daughter. It’s said that, she was one of the many pregnancies that’s happened over the course of their nightmare, but because of malnourishment, and weak bodies, the rest turned into miscarriages. This is some madness that you catch on the Investigation channel from no earlier than the 80s. Such a sad situation. Drop down bottom to see how they were released.

POLL: Who Was The More Hilarious Sensation? Sweet Brown, Antoine Dodson Or The Latest, Charles Ramsey?

Charles Ramsey has become an overnight sensation and an accidental hero, after leading 3 women to safety by helping them escape from the house they’ve been held captive in for over a decade. In his interview after the girls were saved, he made some comments that have become instant meme classics, like how he’d make ribs and listen to salsa music with his neighbor. LOL! Question is, though, is he MORE classic than Sweet Brown (Lord Jesus, it’s a fire!) or Antoine Dodson (hide ya kids, hide ya wife!) Watch all 3 videos below and take the poll!

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