(Photo) Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards Spotted Together In Mexico

Rekindling their flame? Or just getting along for the kids? Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards have been spotted vacationing together in Mexico. Photo and more details after the jump! Wendy L.

(Video & Photo) Charlie Sheen Wears $3000 Mask Of Himself for Halloween

Charlie Sheen has decided to pay $3000 to wear a halloween mask of himself. You can get a Charlie Sheen mask for regular price but not this one of a kind mask done by artist Landon Meier. Hit the jump to see the video and the pic. Funk Flex Find Flex On Google+

(Video) Charlie Sheen Says He’s Disappointed With “Two And A Half Men”

Some photogs caught up Charlie Sheen and asked him how he feels about “Two And a Half Men” and their falling ratings. Sheen said that although he thinks Ashton is doing well, he is disappointed with the direction of the show. The photog also asked when Charlie will be filming for his newest show. Watch what Charlie said after the jump. @Julie1205

“Two And A Half Men” Coworkers Say Ashton Isn’t Funny But At Least He’s Not Crazy!

I’m not sure if I would take this as an insult as a compliment, Ashton Kutcher’s coworkers on the “Two and a Half Men” set have said that he’s not funny but at least he’s not crazy. I don’t really know why they would think Ashton would be funnier than Charlie Sheen on set, but I guess they did. The coworkers also said they would rather have not crazy than funny. See what else they said after the jump. @Julie1205

(Video & Pic) Mike Tyson Breaks Steve-O’s Nose At Charlie Sheen Roast

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Iron Mike’s still got it! During the end of an exceptionally brutal Charlie Sheen roast on Comedy Central last night, Steve-O, the Jackass star known for stapling his nuts to his leg, thought it would be a good idea to get a running start and jump head first into Mike Tyson’s outstretched fist. Check the video and pic of Steve-O after the jump…

Charlie Sheen Delivers Message To “Two & Half Men” At The Emmy Awards

Before presenting the Emmy award for Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, Charlie Sheen dedicated a special message to the cast and crew of Two & a Half Men. Find out what he said after the jump!! Wendy L.

(Video) Charlie Sheen Throwing “Two And A Half Men” Viewing Party

Yesterday I told you that Charlie Sheen wants to make a comeback on “Two and a Half Men.” Well now Charlie told Wendy Williams that he plans of having a viewing party at his house. Charlie has invited a group of friends to his house to watch the season premiere and his comedy roast. Watch a preview of the show and find out what else he said after the jump. @Julie1205

Charlie Sheen Wants To Return To “Two And A Half Men”!

Charlie Sheen told Matt Lauer on the “Today” show that he would absolutely return to “Two and a Half Men” given the chance. Back in March, it was announced that Charlie wouldn’t be returning to the sitcom and would be replaced by Ashton Kutcher. After a lot of speculation, we learned that Charlie Sheen’s character would be completely killed off the show! Find out what Charlie said about returning and how he thinks Ashton will do after the jump. @Julie1205

Charlie Sheen Laughing Through His Comedy Roast

Charlie Sheen certainly has a good sense of humor, he sat through his entire roast laughing and smiling. The roast occurred last night and mimicked Charlie’s crazy year. Mike Tyson, Kate Walsh, and William Shatner were all roasters during the special. The roast will be aired on September 19. Read more after the jump. @Julie1205

(Video) #IFWT Wishes Charlie Sheen A Happy Birthday!

Today is actor Charlie Sheen’s 46th birthday. Before being know for his recent crazy antics, escapes, and catch phrases, Charlie starred in countless blockbuster movies and television series. Charlie, whose real name is Carlos Irwin Estévez, is the youngest son of Martin Sheen. Blaming his father’s success and the spotlight on his family, Charlie struggled with drug addiction and alcohol abuse during his teenage and early adulthood. Charlie’s acting career started when he landed a role in 1984’s Red Dawn and really took off when he got his first staring role in 1986’s Platoon. In recent years, Charlie seems to have relapsed in his drug and alcohol abuse, even relapsing and heading to rehab once again. After being dropped from his hit show “Two and a Half Men,” Charlie is working on rebuilding his career. Watch one of Charlie’s crazy interviews after the jump. Happy Birthday, Charlie! @Julie1205

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