Six Women Come Forward With Plans To Sue Charlie Sheen Following HIV Status Announcement

Monday’s headlines revealed actor Charlie Sheen is HIV positive and has been for some time now. This morning (November 17th), Sheen sat down with Matt Lauer on The Today Show to confirm his HIV status and open up about being betrayed by friends and being blackmailed. During the interview, Sheen also said that he had warned all sexual partners, past and present about his status, however, judging by number of women who have lawyered up in the past 24 hours, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Read more below.

(Video) Charlie Sheen Admits He’s HIV Positive On The Today Show

As expected, Charlie Sheen appeared on The Today Show this morning, and revealed to the world that he is HIV positive – and has been for 4 years now. Talking to Matt Lauer, the actor said he was betrayed by friends he trusted, leading him to have to out himself to the world. He also said from that moment on, he will no longer be paying anyone millions of dollars to keep them quiet about his status. As for infecting others, Sheen said he’s warned all of his sexual partners ahead of time (as it is illegal not to) and only 2 of them were without a condom – but they “were under the care of my doctor.” Whatever that means…

Charlie Sheen Supposedly HIV-Free

Now that the cat is out of the bag there needs to be justification. It was reported that Charlie Sheen is expected o reveal an previous HIV diagnosis; I say the word previously loosely since sources have claimed that the actor has taken meds since, and is now clear of the virus.

Bree Olsen, Charlie Sheen’s Ex, Wants It To Be Clear That She Does Not Have HIV + Denise Richards Is HIV-Free

Charlie Sheen has been in the news for nothing good-as usual-however, this news is the worse. Claims state that the Anger Management actor is HIV positive, which means that the women in his life, previous and present, could have also contracted the disease. Former porn star, and Sheen’s ex “goddess,” Bree Olsen announced on FRIDAY, days before news of Sheen as the diseased individual was revealed, that she had been tested and was clean on everything. Find out more after the jump.

Charlie Sheen Expected To Reveal HIV Status On Today Show

In recent months, credited sites known for “Blind Items” have been posting one about an A-list actor, saying that he was HIV-positive and had been for a while. This coincided with those infamous Sony emails being hacked and released earlier this year, where one exec noted none other than Charlie Sheen’s HIV status.

(Photo) Hollywood Madam Releasing “Black Book” With Celebrity Cheaters

If you thought the Ashley Madison website was bad, wait till you hear this. Apparently, back in the 90’s there was a Madam by the name of Heidi Fleiss who was the master mind behind a prostitution ring. A top notch classy Hollywood prostitution ring can only mean one thing. Scandalous cheating celebrities spending money to cheat, and now in 2015 Heidi is ready to leak it all.

(Video) Footage Of Transsexual Mia Isabella Hinting At Tyga And Charlie Sheen Relations A Year Ago

Tyga is in some deep ishh, and things just seem to be getting messier! A transsexual actress by the name of Mia Isabella has just come forward with messages and naked pictures that she claims are from Tyga. As the plot continues to thicken old footage has surfaced of Mia Isabella talking about Tyga and his role in her life.

PettyNextDoor: Charlie Sheen RIPS His Ex Wife On Twitter In Bitter Rant

Actor Charlie Sheen has been known for his absurd Twitter rants and out-of-control temper. However, things just seem to be getting worse for Sheen, who also has dealt with many substance abuse issues. On Father’s Day, the Two & A Half Men star took to his Twitter account to go on a hateful rant about his ex-wife and mother of his two daughters, Denise Richards.

Paramedics Rushed To Charlie Sheen’s Home To Treat Him For WHAT?!

Late Monday night, Charlie Sheen needed emergency medical attention ASAP after suffering from a horrible case of food poisoning. One of Charlie’s people called the Fire Department at around 11:00 PM saying they needed paramedics for Charlie as fast as possible. It’s still a mystery as to why they wouldn’t call 911 directly, but that’s neither here nor there. Luckily, the only thing wrong with Charlie was a really, really bad case of food poisioning. Charlie is doing fine now, thankfully. Gotta be careful with that Mexican food, man! That stuff can be a real killer.

Umm.. Ouch! Charlie Sheen Comes At Kim K. ALL Crazy: “Nobody Cares About U, Go F Yourself”

For whatever reason he might have, Charlie Sheen went on a super mean rant about Kim Kardashian super late (or early) on Tuesday morning basically crushing her entire life to pieces. According to Sheen, one of his friend’s six-year-old daughters asked Kim for an autograph because and worships her and Kim turned her down. “She cries about it every night before she goes to sleep,” he said. The rant wasn’t HORRIFIC until he started going hard at the reality TV star. “You are lucky that ANYONE cares about your gross and giggly [sic] bag of funk you dare call an ass.” Charlie then dared Kim Kardashian to “compare resumes” with him, adding that, “Your public loves u. give something back or go f yourself.” He even brings Kanye West into this crazy mess. “My apologies to your hubby, great guy I’m sure, I hope his vision returns one day.” LOL, wtf! The ” Two And A Half Men” actor then signed his letter with a simple “c.” He deleted his post shortly after. So ummm, are we taking bets as to what kind of hard drugs Charlie Sheen was taking prior to going on this rant against Kimmy Cakes?! Ridic!

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