What A Cool Dude! Charlie Sheen Grants Last Wish For Cancer Patient!

Aww Charlie Sheen is such a cool dude. He organized and paid for a cancer patient’s greatest wish to chill with him! Marion Minchuk is a cancer patient who has been told he has a month to live. Marion got in touch with Charlie’s people and asked if there was any way he could meet him before he passed. Charlie acted right away and invited Marion to L.A. (mind you, he lives in Arizona). Charlie paid for 3 first class tickets… for Marion, his GF and his nurse. He put them up at the Presidential Suite and the Universal Hilton. Charlie took the 3 to the set of “Anger Management” where Marion got to sit in Charlie’s chair (it’s a thing on the show). Charlie then took Marion to his home, where a chef made lunch for all of them as they went to the screening room to watch “Gravity.” Charlie signed an “Anger Management” script and signed a DVD of “Wall Street.” So cute, Marion was beyond excited!

Charlie Sheen & A Missing Witness For A Burglary – What Do They Have In Common?

Charlie Sheen does sorta remind me of a mafia, on the low, I’ll have things handled type of guy! Break-ups, multiple girlfriends, a baby mama that’s [allegedly] doing some hardcore drugs, endless flow of cash and sex tapes – yeah, sex tape, one that links Charlie to a missing witness in a burglary crime – are all the makings of a mafia king. IJS! Hit the jump for the deets.

(Photos) Charlie Sheen Uses Twitter To Break Gag Order Again, Sends Message To Judge

Charlie has been going through it this week with his ex getting the kids, and beieng told to shut the f*** up about it by the judge, but he may just be back on that tiger blood, he’s not having it!

Could Charlie Sheen Be Going To Prison For Violating A Gag Order???

Brooke Mueller is coming for Charlie Sheen’s throat! Last week, Charlie Sheen made an appearance on TMZ Live, and when it came down to his feelings about baby mother, Brooke Mueller, he held NOTHING back. “Whore, drug addict, and terrible parent,” are only a few descriptors Charlie used for mother of his twins boys. He states that every time the kids go visit their mother, they come back suffering from nightmares and more. Well, we all know lil miss Brooke isn’t taking the words too kindly! Her lawyers have taken it as far as subpoenaing TMZ and ordering them “to preserve the video and audio interviews,” that they did with Charlie. According to Brooke and her attorneys, when Charlie did that interview, he violated a gag order, so if he’d pay for it with jail time, that would work! But will it? The judge did deny her a restraining order against Charlie – THESE TWO! Hit the jump and check out the not so nice words the funny fellow expressed about his kids’ mother.

SHUT DOWN! Brooke Mueller’s Restraining Order Request Against Charlie Sheen Gets Rejected By Judge!

Apparently Charlie Sheen can get away with anything! A judge has denied to issue a restraining order against Charlie Sheen for allegedly threatening her life last week. Ex-wife Mueller claims Sheen said, “[T]here will be a reckoning. There will be a whirlwind. That they will all reap while desperate begging for my forgiveness. You’ve all been warned.” Well, the judge isn’t buying her case, and he flat out denied her request for a restraining order. She has to wait another month to make her case in person. SMH, poor ex-wife… don’t fight the Sheen! See their happier moments in the gallery below!

(Photos) Charlie Sheen Still Winning? Spotted With Ex Wife, Denise Richardson.

Is Charlie Sheen and ex wife, Denise Richardson, trying to make things work? Recently the two were spotted at Underwood Farms in Moorpark for some Halloween festivities, with Denise’s adopted daughter and Charlie’s twins from Brooke Mueller. Sounds a little messy. To see pics, click below.

(Check The Pics!) Charlie Sheen Has 3 New Girlfriends…And They’re All Porn Stars, Of Course!

Say it with me…”Winning!” Charlie Sheen is back to his interesting antics, but the Goddesses are long gone. Now in place are three new porn-star girlfriends, who have been dubbed his “Angels.” Cute. JL, JJ and CS all joined Charlie in Hawaii recently for a vacation, and clearly he is enjoying this. The ladies are all apparently living with the actor in his L.A. pad as well. Got to love it! More pics in the gallery.

Selma Blair Complains About Charlie Sheen & Gets Fired?!?

Charlie Sheen has been through tough public situations and back, and even though he’s a ticking time bomb, he obviously still winning. Selma Blair, his co-worker on Anger Management said something that pissed Charlie off, and you won’t believe what he called her. Don’t f*ck with Charlie or you’ll get burned! Check out what happened after the jump.

Damn…Selma Blair Dropped From “Anger Management” For Talking Ish About Charlie Sheen!

Actress Selma Blair has officially been fired from Charlie Sheen’s “Anger Management” show…and it was all for talking ish about Charlie! When the actor got word she was complaining about his work ethic behind his back, he went straight to the producers and told them if they didn’t fire her, he’d leave the show. “We are confirming that Selma Blair will not be returning to Anger Management and we wish her the very best,” the show’s production company said in a statement. Clearly, their choice has been made. Ouch.

& The Saga Continues: Charlie Sheen & Farrah Abraham Are Still Going At It!!!

These two just will not quit! The on-going feud between Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham and Charlie Sheen has been getting nasty…but it just got nastier! After some personal text messages between Sheen, 47, and the XXX-star Farrah, 22, leaked on-line, Charlie immediately pointed fingers at Farrah, blaming her for the whole thing. He came at her hard, starting off by saying “hey, you desperate guzzler of stagnant douche agua.” Hit the jump to see the serious shade that Farrah threw RIGHT BACK at the “Anger Management” star.

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