(Video) Dude Goes Crazy When He Finds Out His Girl Cheated

Dude Goes Crazy When He Finds Out His Girl Cheated. Ah man, so here we go again. Chris Brown already told you people that these hoes ain’t loyal but yet ya’ll still wife them. Check out the video below of this dude going nuts when he finds out his girl cheated. Follow me: Instagram Twitter The thing I don’t understand about this is that the girl was crying and begging him for forgiveness. YOU CHEATED ON YOUR BOYFRIEND, WHY WOULD HE FORGIVE YOU FOR THAT? You weren’t thinking about begging for forgiveness when you had another man’s penis inside of you then huh, but now you got caught is when you want to cry and beg to be taken back. Life doesn’t work that way. If you know something is precious to you, take care of it and don’t let temptation get to you because after that temptation is regret. It’s almost like masturbating to porn, it feels good when you’re doing it but after comes that disgusted and regret feeling. Anyways, I hope he doesn’t take her back so she can learn a lesson and let this be a lesson to you reading this right now. If you’re cheating on your significant other right now, you will get caught and you will regret it. Source

NBA: Surprised?! Raymond Felton’s Wife Reveals Why She’s Divorcing Him!

Welp, some of the rumors were true.  Raymond Felton’s wife is divorcing him because he cheated … a lot.  Some more details have been released surrounding Raymond Felton’s arrest & what his estranged wife, Ariane Raymondo-Felton, told police that night.  Report after the jump…

NBA: Lance Stephenson & K. Michelle Break Up — She Confirms The News!

Damn Lance!  There’s been rumors for a while that things weren’t working out between Lance and K. Michelle, but now it’s definitely over.  We thought things were good because a couple days ago she tweeted about Lance and their puppy, but last night she broke the news to her fans that she’s single and he cheated!  Don’t worry K, there’s A LOT of fellas that want to take Lance’s place!!!

(Video) Rasheeda Of “Love & Hip-Hop: ATL” Cheated On Her Husband ?!?!

With NY ending, Atlanta begins. April 22nd is when the new season begins, and well in this quick snippet, Rasheeda’s husband, Kirk asks her for a DNA test for the baby that she’s pregnant with and K. Michelle is still shaking tables. LOL! Drop down bottom and check it out.

Whoa: New Report Says Nicki Minaj’s Man Cheated On Her With A Porn Star?!

I’m not buying this for a second, but the latest news out of some reliable sources (Star Magazine & Radar Online) is that Nicki Minaj’s longtime man Safaree “SB” Samuels recently cheated on her at a molly-filled party with a porn star named Beauty Dior. More details below. Are you believing this one?

Oh Boy! Well He Doesn’t Claim He Was Hacked, But Rob Kardashian TOTALLY Backtracks On Rita Ora Rant!

Welp, we saw this coming from a mile away! As is apparently customary now with crazy celebrity Twitter rants, first you delete the tweets, and then you claim you were hacked and/or misinterpreted. Rob Kardashian chose the latter, after he sent out two different series of tweets yesterday afternoon, going in on his now-ex Rita Ora for allegedly sleeping with over 20 different men throughout the course of their relationship. He’d deleted the first batch of tweets shortly after sending them yesterday, then hours later, went back on and re-wrote similar messages while adding more to the story. Now today, all of those tweets are gone, and he’s totally trying to cop a plea. LMAO! So typical. See what he had to say in the gallery. Marisa Mendez

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