(Video) Meek Mill – Check

Meek Mill goes two years back and digs up the official video shot for “Check” off his sophomore album Dreams Worth More Than Money. For the visual the MMG rapper visited his hometown and took over the streets with the people of Philadelphia. And you know it wouldn’t be Meek if the video didn’t include some bike stunts.

(Audio) NBA: Hot Or Nah? Lance Stephenson Drops New Freestyle Over Meek Mill’s “Check”

So many NBA players swear they can rap and 99% of them are absolutely terrible. Damian Lillard is one of the few exceptions of ballers who can really spit. Lance Stephenson also appears to think he is one of the few who can handle himself in the booth based on his previous freestyle over Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot N*gga”. Personally I wasn’t a fan of that but there were quite a bit of people who where. So Lance is back again, this time flowing over Meek Mill’s “Check” beat. What you guys think? Drop down for the track!

Migos Respond After Being Roasted For “Only” Donating $1,000 To ATL High School

Atlanta rap group Migos have been the subject of criticism all morning, after a photo surfaced of all 3 members at Booker T. Washington High School in Atlanta, presenting a check worth $1,000. Many are divided in their reaction, with some noting that a good deed is a good deed and it’s $1,000 more than anyone laughing at them has given, while others say they could have donated a lot more…and/or not have been dripping in expensive jewelery while doing so.

(Video) NBA: Nick Young Talks On Spitting Game – Then Iggy Checks Him!

LA Lakers Nick Young and rapper Iggy Azalea can’t seem to get enough of the cameras and fame. The cute couple teamed in their latest joint venture, a Forever 21 commercial. In the commercial, Nick Young discusses how he locked down Iggy, and he even gives the world tips on how he spits game. HILARIOUSLY after, Iggy Azalea jumps in and puts Young in check LOL…Hit the jump to check out the vid!

(Video) Sports: Michael Jordan & Mark Wahlberg Eat Lunch Together — Guess Who Paid The Bill?!

Michael Jordan & Mark Wahlberg went out to lunch together at E baldi restaurant in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon.  Are you wondering which superstar picked up the check?? If you like to count pockets — Michael Jordan made $90 MILLION in 2013 & Mark Wahlberg made $52 MILLION in 2013. So who paid?! Mark actually answered.  Check it out…

Alert: Just To Be Safe, Check This To See If You Were Hacked!!!

So between major retailers losing you personal info, regular hackers, and the Heartbleed bug, you could very well be in jeopardy of a strong hacking. I know you’re like ‘but how can I tell?’, well worry no longer, the ‘tell’ is here!!

Twins To Play In Fast & Furious 7 Are Getting Paid – Tremendously!

Charlie and Miller Kimsey will play Jack, the son of Paul Walker’s character in the upcoming, Fast & Furious 7. The cool thing about it is, their pay checks. Banking! Drop down to find out how much these look-a-likes will be stacking.

(Photo) G Move! Frank Ocean Pays Chipotle’s Lawsuit…And Leaves Them With A NICE Parting Message

Late last week, popular Mexican food chain Chipotle brought suit against Frank Ocean, after they paid him $212,500 to do a song for one of their commercials, and it never materialized. The Odd Future singer did not want to use their logo on the ads (um, it IS their commercial though, bud…), so they never ended up seeing eye-to-eye. The lawsuit was for the exact amount they’d paid him, and now, they’ll be getting the cash back. However, not without some parting words! Frank just posted a photo of the check he sent to the company on his Tumblr account, with quite a lovely message in the ‘For’ memo section: “F*** OFF.” Nice! The check has not reached Chipotle yet, but in a statement to TMZ, they said they’re “grateful” he is sending their money back, and added, “Thanks, Frank.” Now on to more important topics – WHEN ARE WE GETTING NEW FRANK OCEAN MUSIC?!

(Photos) Damnnn! Must Be Nice – Guess What Meek Mill Found In His Backpack!

Sometimes, I’ll forget about a dollar or two that I had in my pocket, and I’ll find it weeks later and be kind of excited about it. A check for $75k, though? Well, aside from being something I’ve never received…it’s most certainly something I wouldn’t “forget” I had for an entire MONTH! Shoot, I wouldn’t forget for even 2 seconds! That check would be cashed while the ink was still drying! When you’re getting money like Meek Mill, though, apparently these things slip through the cracks! Check out his photo and caption in the gallery. Must be nice!

Alert: Snapchat Database Has Been Leaked, Here’s How To find out IF You’re Affected!!!

The Super popular photo/video app had a vulnerability that allowed for someone to access most of the user’s, and although they knew about it, they figured it wasn’t something someone would do, but….yup, they did!

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