(Video) Dude Checks Plies For Calling Out Ugly People/Challenges Him To Expose His Head!

Lol what did I wake up to this morning….this dude checks Plies for always talking down on ugly folk in his videos…now he challenges him to expose to the world what’s underneath that hat!!

(Video) NBA: An Injured Gilbert Arenas Shows The World He’s Still Getting NBA Checks!

After scoring a huge 6 year, $111 million dollar contract, Arenas took a toll for the worse when his leg exploded, ending his career. Well, Gilbert took to social media letting us know ‘Money Still Ain’t A Thing,’ as he makes $22.3 M PER year! Hit the jump for the video & further details

(Mugshot) NFL: Alleged Reggie Bush/Kim K. Mistress Arrested

Honestly, WHY? Why do people care about this?! Everyone involved has moved on with their lives, but people still care about a mistress?! SMH. Rumored Reggie Bush/Kim Kardashian mistress was arrested.  Find out why along with her mugshot after the jump…

Man Sends Alimony Checks Covered In WHAT???

A Long Island man was arrested for sending alimony checks to his ex wife that were covered in excrement, yes covered in poop! How he made that possible is beyond me, but he sure did.  How’s that for a scorned husband LOL?  Out of curiosity I really wonder how he managed to do this and what convinced him that this was a good way to get revenge on her.  I doubt there will ever be a clear answer, but unfortunately for him besides the alimony checks he is now facing a  $35,000 bail.  Steph B

Two Women Try To Go On $285,000 NYC Shopping Spree With A Forged Blank Check

Two genius’ who will remain nameless(unless you click read more) tried to go on a shopping spree at Tiffany & Co. with a stolen check. Now I can go all the way crazy with this. Nope, what I will tell you is that the paralegal will be fired and the teacher will also be fired, they will be fined, probably given probation and will have a very hard time finding a job. Then again who am I to know what would happen to someone charged with fraud, theft and possession of stolen materials. Click below to find out more. @WiLMajor

Tech Talk News: Facebook Ignores Security Holes

If you enjoy solicitors, keep using your facebook. Holes in security have gathered your information from the start, and worst facebook hands it over for a check. Hit the jump for details. Emma RABID

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