(Video)Wow: Michigan Doctor Misdiagnosed Cancer Patients In Big Scam!!!

Dr. Farid Fata from Michigan is accused of using Chemotherapy on patients who were told they had cancer by him but actually did not have it and billed patients medicare coverage up to $35 Million in a big scam. Check out the video report.

Robin Roberts Completes Chemo, Undergoes Bone Marrow Transplant

Robin Roberts’ battle with her health continues. To date, she’s experienced chemotherapy (eight days) and Thursday morning, was scheduled to undergo a bone marrow transplant at a New York City hospital. Read more after the jump Quay

(Photos)Mother Angry After Doctors Misdiagnosed Her Baby’s Tumor!

Yvonne Bull and her husband are angry that doctors said that the purple mark on their newborn’s face was just a birthmark when she was born.  That “birthmark” began to grow until it was the size of a grapefruit on the side of the baby’s face!It turned out that it was actually a cancerous tumor and the baby is now undergoing chemotherapy at 4 months old.  Hit the jump to see pics of the baby and the tumor. Steph Bassanini

Mom With Cancer Refused Chemotherapy To save Life Of Unborn Child

The decisions and risk we take for our children. A cancer-stricken Oklahoma mom shared only a few precious moments with her newborn daughter after she made a decision to refuse chemotherapy and trade her life to save the baby. This woman literally gave her life for her child. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. @WiL

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