NBA: Larry Johnson Settles Child Support Issue By Handing Over His House & More to Baby Mother

Former NBA superstar Larry Johnson was nearly a million bucks in the hole with one of his babymothers  but he found a way to make her happy, by handing over the keys to a house!

Chris Brown Is Asking The Judge In His Child Support Case To Put A Gag Order On Nia Guzman

Chris Brown and Nia Guzman head to court today to begin their custody battle, and among other things, Breezy is going to ask the court to put a gag order on Royalty’s mama! TMZ reports the singer has filed docs for an injunction blocking Nia from bashing him to news media AND on social media, as we’ve seen her very public comments already. Aside from the gag order, the issue of custody and monthly child support will also be on the table. “It’s gonna get nasty,” a source said. Yikes!

(Photo) NBA: Gilbert Arenas BLASTS Laura Govan, Says She Spends Child Support on Clothes for IG Likes!

Sadly the drama between Gilbert Arenas and his babymother Laura Govan continues.  This time Arenas unleashed on Govan claiming she blows the $20,000 he gives her every month on clothes to get Instagram likes.  Well damn…

(Photo) Rick Ross’ BM Goes Nuts Over “Tatts” But Still Cool With Him?

Well Ross’ recent Ex went with some light shade but this….I hate to be the one to say it but, Rick Ross’ baby mother is being extra petty!. After dragging him through extra court dates on top on his own issues, to asking for more child support and crazy demands, Baby Mama Tia Kemp strikes again. This time she is directing her pettiness toward Ross’ new lady Lira. Check out the comments and instagram post, including the page Ross made for his son.

NFL: Woman Claims to Have Adrian Peterson’s 9th Child & Wants $1.9 Million Child Support Settlement

Seriously Adrian Peterson, wrap it up! There’s a chance he’s on baby #9.  A massage therapist who claims she was knocked up by Peterson has asked for $1.9 MILLION to care for the kid for 18 years, but the NFL star has fired back with a big, fat “NO DEAL.”

Chris Brown’s Baby Mama Explains Why She Needs So Much Child Support Money For Baby Royalty

And the drama just continues…Just last week, Chris Brown blasted his baby mama Nia Guzman online saying she’s using their one year-old daughter as a ‘meal ticket.’ Today, Guzman clapped back at Brown saying there’s a perfectly good explanation as to why she needs such a large amount of child support money. Hit the jump for more.

Chris Brown Calls Out Baby Mama Nia Guzman For Using Baby Royalty As A “Meal Ticket”

Chris Brown has clearly had enough when it comes to his baby mama Nia Guzman. Earlier this week, Brown filed for paternity and Guzman followed up by filing documents requesting supervised visitation because she feels he’s too irresponsible. Things got even more messy, after Chris filed for a second paternity test to prove once and for all that he is Royalty’s father. Yesterday, Breezy went on a twitter rant to air out the situation. He blasted Nia, claiming she’s using Royalty as a meal ticket. Hit the jump for more details.

Timbaland’s Wife Has Filed For Divorce For A Second Time

Looks like Timbaland is headed back down the road to divorce. Last year his wife Monique Mosely called off their divorce in an attempt to save their relationship, but it looks like that failed because she has filed for a second time. Read more below.

Chris Brown’s Fans Come At His Baby Mama’s Neck For Allegedly Blowing Her Child Support Check In Miami!

Chris Brown has been going through the motions with his baby mama, Nia Guzman, from child support issues to paternity tests. The latest drama amongst the two has to do with her allegedly blowing her hefty child support check in Miami for a wild weekend of fun in South Beach with her home girls. Mind you, she has been asking Breezy to cough up $15,000 a month for child support saying that it is “necessary” for baby Royalty. Over the July 4th weekend, she posted up a flick in Mi-Yayo with her girls poolside. CB’s vicious army started going ham on her picture, calling her a “gold digger” and coming at her for requesting $15K from him just to splurge on herself. She quickly posted up a picture of Royalty in the pool after the Instagram bashing ensued. Hit the gallery to check out the drama going on via Nia Guzman’s Instagram page!

It’s Their Time: Chris Brown Goes At It With His Daughter’s Grandmother & Nia Steps In

Although he was not publicly in his daughter’s life until about five months ago, Chris Brown is bringing in the courts. #IFWT reported that his daughter’s mother Nia was seeking $15,000 a month in child support. However, before he makes any financial moves, Chris filed paternity documents seeking to gain joint custody of the little girl. While he’s spending as much time as possible with daughter Royalty, there’s still something that the little girl is missing, according to her grandmother. Find out more down bottom.

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