(Check The Pics + Video!) Chilli Gets Undressed & Painted As A Tiger For New PETA Ad

TLC’s Chilli is taking a stance against animal cruelty, stripping down to her birthday suit and rocking body paint while caged for PETA’s latest ad, “Beaten, Lonely, and Abused: Boycott the Circus.” Check out a behind the scenes look at the shoot below.

(Video) Lil Mama Performs, “Waterfalls” With TLC!

Lil Mama portrayed Left Eye so well in that biopic, she snagged her a spot in the group. We all know that, Left Eye could never be replaced, but the, resemblance between the “Lip Gloss” femcee and Lisa, has made her do what it do. Sharing the stage, again with T-Boz and Chilli, hit the jump to check out the American Music Awards performance of, “Waterfalls.”

(Video) Pebbles Tells Wendy Williams That T-Boz & Left Eye Kicked Chilli Out The Group – Not Her!

It is now time to hear the other side of the story. Wendy Williams invites former TLC manager, Peebles to the show. After all of the threats sent out by her daughter, and her mouth on hush, P’s ready to reveal the details. After watching the infamous biopic, most of us picked the side of our favorite girl group in the 90s (GUILTY). After hearing what Peebles had to say, you may think twice! Perri Reid informs us that the girls wanted those busted down Rav 4s [trucks], and they didn’t have, “Ferrari money” anyhow. The most shocking to me was the revelation that is was actually, “T-Boz and Left Eye” that kicked Chilli out of the group. Hmmm! This is why Wendy is loved – hit the jump for the juice!

(Photo) Ashley Reid Releases A Statement In Regards To Threatening TLC’s Chilli!

I’m all about PR! My question here is, WHERE WAS YOUR PUBLICIST WHEN YOU WERE THREATENING FOLK – ON TWO SEPARATE OCCASIONS?! We all know the story by now, CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story aired on VH1, the movie depicted former manager, Pebbles in a terrible light and then her children spoke up. The loudest of the two, Ashley Reid took to her twitter account as well as her weekly radio show to single out Chilli and send bodily harm threats her way. Chilli responds with the most simplicity, which has forced Ashley to make an attempt at redeeming her image with the statement after the jump. Drop down bottom and check it out.

Is That All?! Chilli Has What To Say About Peeble’s Daughter, Ashley Reid?

In biopic’s past, TLC’s perception of their lifestyle in the 90s included a certain former manager. In recent tweets, that former manager’s son and daughter have MUCH to get off of their chests. Ashley Reid has been going off, sending idle threats and everything chil’. Why is Chilli being singled out – who knows, but home-girl went on U-Stream, suggested that the singer gave her father fellatio (while still married to her mother), and flat out called her a LIAR. After all of THAT, Chilli responds. Hit the jump and check it out.

(Photos) Angry Bird Beef: WHO blasted TLC on Twitter & Threatened Chilli?!

Pebble’s daughter, Ashley Reid, recently took to her twitter to blast the new TLC movie and stated that the movie was not factual. But she didn’t stop there, she threw a not to subtle threat Chilli’s way. To see Ashley’s tweets, click below.

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