(Video) Tracy McGrady Officially Retires From Basketball

Leaving the NBA is definitely a huge step toward retirement but for the last couple of years, T-Mac has been playing overseas. Tracy McGrady’s last game in the NBA was back in 2013 with the Spurs and he has since been playing here and there with the USA Legends touring team. In his last tour with the USA Legends, T-Mac’s jersey was retired!

(Photos) NBA: Kobe Bryant To Play Overseas?

Despite if you are a fan of Kobe Bryant or not, if you are a fan of good basketball then you too will not be looking forward to the day that we see Kobe take his last shots as an NBA player. Believe it or not, that time could come sooner than later; however, the NBA may not be Kobe’s last stop playing basketball.

(Photos) NBA: Kobe Bryant Is A God In China So He Decided To launch A Social Media Platform There

Kobe Bryant has made a push to be big in China over the past decade, realizing the huge marketing potential there, in tandem with Nike. He’s expanding his brand in social media and his own design there, and this weekend he made his annual trip there. Turns out he’s still, yup, a God there.

Maroon 5 Were Banned From Performing In China After Wishing The Dalai Lama A “Happy Birthday”

So this upcoming September Maroon 5 were supposed to perform in Shanghai and Beijing, but guess who dubbed that to the ground? Hop into the post for the details! #IFWT!

(Photos) New Species Of Feather Winged ‘Dragon’ Dinosaur Discovered In China!

Researchers in China have discovered a 125 million years old feathered ‘dragon’ dinosaur by the name of Zhenyuanlong suni. Check out the photos of the feather winged ‘dragon’ dinosaur in the gallery and read more on the story below!

China Lashes Out Against US For Racial Bias In Annual Report

China Lashes Out Against US For Racial Bias In Annual Report On June 26, 2015, China accused the United States of America for the widespread existence of racial discrimination and the ubiquity of firearms throughout the country.

(Photos) 43 Dinosaur Eggs Discovered By Construction Workers In China!

Dozens of dinosaur eggs were discovered by construction workers in China. Nineteen of the 43 eggs are still completely intact. Check out the photos in the gallery and read more on the story after the jump!

(Photo) NBA: China Honors Stephon Marbury’s Greatness By Putting Him On A Stamp!

I hate to use the word “swag”. I always have and always will. But if I was ever going to use it this would be a good reason to because how many people do you know with their own stamp? The answer is nobody, but Brooklyn’s own, Stephon Marbury will now have his face on packages and letters shipped around the world. Marbury has become a bigger than life star in China and they are doing this as an honor to him.

(Photos) WOW! Dog Survives After Being Hit By Car & Getting Stuck In Bumper For 248 Miles!

A dog survived after being hit by a car and getting trapped in a car’s bumper on a 248 mile drive. Check out the amazing photos of the dog in the bumper and read more on the touching story after the jump!

(Photos) 7 Tourists Killed & 19 Injured By Falling Rocks In China!

7 tourists were killed and 19 injured by falling rocks in China. Check out the horrific photos in the gallery and read more on the story after the jump!

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