Funk Flex Blasts NYPD Cops For Allegedly Raping Handcuffed Girl In Police Van

NYPD cops Eddie Martins and Richard Hall are being indicted for allegedly raping a young, handcuffed girl in their police van at a Brooklyn Chipotle parking lot. Funk Flex decided to put the officers on blast during his Saturday night show. In case you missed the rant, you can check it out after the jump.

Chipotle CEO’s Make More Money Per Year Than Nike, Apple, McDonald’s, & Goldman Sachs Combined

What? The CEO’s of Chipotle are beyond killing it, raking in multi million dollars of cash all from burritos.

Chipotle Drops In 2016 Rankings

Can I get a burrito bowl with white rice and black beans? The popular Chipotle fast food mexican restaurant, has dropped from it’s number one spot in the polls. Not even placing it the top four against competitors.

(Photo) Chipotle Can Cause Weight Loss???

We all look at Chipotle as the “McDonalds” of Mexican food. With fastfood restaurants, there are always healthier choices on their menu. Devin Cunningham loves Chipotle and wanted to take on a challenge of eating Chipotle everyday for a year and see if he can actually lose weight.

BARFS: Chipotle Issued Subpoena After Virus Outbreak

In case you were thinking of getting a burrito bowl for lunch, maybe you should think again. A grand jury has issued a subpoena to investigate a Chipotle restaurant in Simi Valley, California due to the fact numerous virus outbreaks have been hitting the Mexican-food chain recently. Back in December, a norovirus infected a location in Boston, Massachusetts that left over 200 extremely ill.

(Photos) Woman Finds Disturbing Screw In Her Chipotle Burrito Bowl!

A woman found a special surprise in her burrito bowl from Chipotle but unfortunately it was NOT an extra scoop of chicken! While ordering her usual from a Chipotle to go – a chicken bowl with brown rice, salsa, guacamole and lettuce – at The Grove in Los Angeles, the young lady was shocked to find a screw in her take-out. As she was chomping away, she bit down on the screw and almost busted her tooth on something she describes that “felt like a rock.”

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