(Photos) NBA: Mark Cuban & His Brother Go OFF on Chris Broussard & His “Sources”

Nobody really trusts Chris Broussard and his “sources” but yesterday during the DeAndre Jordan melodrama, Broussard tweeted news on what was going on.  Jordan was reportedly in his house with the Clippers whom wouldn’t let Mark Cuban or anyone from the Mavericks in to speak with him.  Broussard then tweeted that Cuban was driving around begging Jordan’s family through texts for the address to his house.  This set Mark Cuban’s brother Brian off and he let Broussard have it!

NBA: Report, League Executives Think Chris Paul Has Lost Something, Can’t Handle Russell Westbrook!

Are these guys out of their mind? Or do they have a valid point? While appearing On ESPN’s “Numbers Never Lie”, NBA inside reporter Chris Broussard was asked if the Clippers have a valid shot at winning the NBA title. The Clippers have been bounced from the playoffs no later than the second round in each year Chris Paul has been there. As Broussard attempted to answer, he revealed something that execs around the league are thinking. The Clippers can’t win cause Chris Paul is already falling off! Hit the jump.

NBA: Uh-Oh, Carmelo Anthony Says That He Was “Set Up”

Set up or backtracking?!  Two days ago in an interview with ESPN’s Chris Broussard, Melo said that he believes he’s the most underrated superstar in the league.  Well now he’s clarifying those comments. Check it out & let us know what you think…

NBA: Joakim Noah Tried To Recruit Melo To The Bulls; Here’s What Was Allegedly Said

We all know the jokes about Chris Broussard & his sources, so take this however you want. Lol.  Earlier this morning on SportsCenter Chris Broussard revealed that Joakim Noah tried to recruit Carmelo Anthony to the Bulls during the 2014 NBA All-Star Game.  He even revealed some of what was said between the two.  Check it out…

(Video) Sports: ESPN’s Chris Broussard Sparks Uproar with Jason Collins Comments

While there was a ton of athletes/celebs that showed their support for NBA player Jason Collins, not everyone is going to be open minded about Collins announcing that he’s gay. ESPN reporter Chris Broussard is one of them. He gave his opinion on the topic yesterday that upset some people. While I do not agree with Broussard, he is allowed to have his religious beliefs. Righttttttt?! Check out what he had to say & let us know what you think…

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