(Video) NBA: Chris Kaman Shoves Chris Paul to the Ground After Getting Hit in the Nuts

Chris Paul was having a rough week and took it all out on the Portland Trail Blazers Wednesday night.  After Shaq told him he would never win a ring and Stephen Curry dropped him, making him the butt of many jokes and memes, Paul dropped 41 points and 17 assists in the Clippers 126-122 win over the Trail Blazers and was ready to take out Chris Kaman after a big shove to the ground.

(Video) NBA: Trailer For Chris Kaman’s New Ummm… Odd Reality Show “Exploring Kaman”

Chris Kaman isn’t like the average NBA who’s either from the city or has adapted to the city life.  Kaman likes to hunt and owns as many guns as a small militia.  Some consider him crazy or odd and his new web-based reality show might help that notion.

NBA: Uh-Oh, Kobe Bryant’s Not Happy With One of His Lakers Teammates!

Remember this pic that went viral last week — when the Lakers finished the game against the Cavs with only FOUR eligible players?!  They somehow got the win, but Kobe Bryant is not happy with Chris Kaman.  I’m pretty sure you don’t want to get on the Black Mamba’s bad side.  Check out what he had to say about it…

NBA: Chris Kaman Says He Doesn’t Care if The Lakers Trade Him

Chris Kaman has not been thrilled with his limited minutes this season and the lottery-bound Lakers may put him on the market to see if there is any interest from 2014 playoff contenders that need help at center. When asked, Kaman said he doesn’t care if he stays with the Lakers or is moved to another team.

NBA: Chris Kaman Is Not Happy With His Role on The Lakers

Chris Kaman is clearly frustrated with the Lakers due to the lack of playing time & he’s not afraid to let it be known how he’s feeling. It’s not the role he pictured with the Lakers. Check out what he had to say…

NBA: WTH?! Lakers Teammates Chris Kaman & Robert Sacre Bought a Cow — Find Out Why!

What the hell is wrong with these guys?!  Orrrrrrrr are they just smart???  I could never do this because I would want the cow as a pet. Lol. Lakers Big Men Robert Sacre & Chris Kaman bought a cow together and guess what they plan on doing with it?!  Isn’t there an easier way?! Details after the jump…

NBA: Damn! Which Lakers Teammate Said He “Always Hated Kobe”

Oh, another NBA player said they hate Kobe? Join the club. The Difference is those type of words usually do not come from your own teammate. Then again, Kobe does seem like a real a** to play alongside with. A former opponent, now turned teammate spoke his honest opinion when he was asked about Kobe. Hit the jump.

NBA: Heat Free Agent Targets: Steve Nash, Brandon Roy, Ray Allen, Grant Hill & Jermaine O’Neal

The Miami HEAT were just crowned NBA champions, but they’ll get back to work almost immediately. When the champagne bottles are empty and the celebration comes to an end, HEAT brass will shift their attention to the offseason and focus on adding more talent to their star-studded roster. After all, the 2012 NBA Draft is less than one week away and free agency will begin in nine days.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie x Sabrina B.

(Photos) NBA: Chris Kaman Tweets Pic of Himself Holding Dead Bobcat Before Bobcats Game

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Chris Kaman center for the Hornets had a different kind of way of prepping for last night’s game against the Bobcats.  I know hunting is legal and some people really seem to enjoy it, but not gonna lie – as an animal lover, I REALLY didn’t like this.  Check out what he had to say and the pics after the jump…

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