(Photos) Christina Milian Chops Off Her Long Locks And Goes For A Short ‘Do

Christina Milian

Christina Milian has chopped off her locks! The singer/reality star debuted her new ‘do over the holiday weekend, sporting a short bob while out with her friends in Los Angeles.

Hit the gallery to see pics of Christina’s new hair. Yay or nay?

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(Check The Pics) Christina Milian Was Doing THE MOST At An L.A. Gas Station

Christina Milian at the gas station

Christina Milian was spotted by paparazzi in Los Angeles in her rental, and she was actually posing for pictures as she pumped her gas…and showed off her Nesquick, which seems to scream endorsement.

At least act like you’ve been here before, ma. Check out the rest of the thirsty pics in the gallery.

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(Fellas Check The Pics) LAWD! Christina Milian Flosses In Her Barely-There Bikini Looking THICK As Ever!


Christina Milian took her talents down to South Beach where she flaunted her killer natural curves for the camera. Peep the flicks over in the gallery!

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(Fellas Check The Pics) LAWD! Christina Milian Got Her Racks Out To Play!


Christina Milian was spotted out and about showing off some serious cleavage in her tight white dress, looking absolutely lovely. Fellas–hit the gallery to check it out for yourself!

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(Photo) Looks Like Christina Milian Let Lil Wayne Know It’s Real!

Christina Milian x Lil Wayne 1

Christina Milian has been married before, been engaged once more after that and has had a daughter, but she bypassed all of that and chose the inspiration behind her first tattoo to be her current boyfriend, Lil Wayne.

Christina was spotted on the red carpet of a recent event with new ink on her arm, reading, “Love hard…TnT.” TnT, of course, stands for Tina N Tunechi.

What do you think of the tat? Check out the pic in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!

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(Photo) Couples in Vegas


How cute was it to see all the hottest couples in Vegas this weekend. From Meek to LiL Wayne and Michael Jordan the fanciest love bird were out on the town and hitting up the top casinos with their lovely ladies. 03’s Bonnie & Clyde were another one of couples in Vegas.

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(Video) Christina Milian Claims “Superhead” Is Hopping On The “Bandwagon, Trying To Get Attention”


“We’re actually very much alike,” Christina Milian says about why her and Lil Wayne – or should I say “knucklehead”, as she mentions her love’s personal nickname – click so well. “We’re two very passionate people about life, about family, about our hard work, about what we love, about music …” However, the love of your life sometimes comes with a pain in the arse. This pain happens to be named Karrine “Superhead” Steffans.

Every time Lil Wayne publicly comes out in a relationship, Superhead pops her head out of the clouds. It’s no different with Milian. The former vixen admits that no matter who Wayne is with, she does not plan on doing the disappearing act. It’s okay in Milian’s book because she trusts her bae, and well, Superhead is just seeking attention.

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(Photos + Video) So Lil Wayne Was With Dhea In Baton Rouge…and Deelishis In Detroit!

Christina Milian x Lil Wayne

While Christina Milian is out here claiming Lil Wayne as her man and the love of her life, he is out here letting the world know – he’s for everybody! It’s so glaringly obvious at this point that she turns a blind eye to it and it’s pretty sad! Sh*t, I may be single…but I’d much rather be to myself than have a man “representing” me and making me look like a damn fool!

That being said, not only was Wayne spotted with his former (maybe still current?) fiancée Dhea at the Baton Rouge stop of his Release Partiez tour, but Deelishis at a few stops too – including Nashville, which is nowhere near Detroit where she has a daily radio show. There are also reports that Deelishis alluded to a romantic relationship between her and Wayne while on air, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

What a mess! Pics and video below.

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Christina Milian Had More To Say On Her Friendship With Karrueche On “Iyanla: Fix My Life”


Christina Milian went from being an engaged woman planning a wedding to single, dating again, signing to Young Money, filming a reality show, getting a second season of that reality show and starting her own clothing line, We Are Pop Culture. While that’s a long list of things-to-do, it only touches the surface of her life. The “Rebel” songstress is a mother to the gorgeous Violet and a friend … a best friend to Karrueche Tran. And since Karrueche is the ex of Chris Brown’s, that’s a hell of a job in itself.

Milian spoke to The Jasmine Brand about Karrueche’s interview on Iyanla: Fix My Life. There was so much she wanted to get across, but was unable to do it. “I don’t think Iyanla’s show allowed me to express the way that I wanted to express something that’s very intimate to me because Karreuche is my best friend,” she says.

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(Video) Karrine “Superhead” Steffans Says She’ll Never Stop Seeing Lil Wayne; Christina Milian Responds

Superhead x Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne may be dating Christina Milian, and Karrine “Superhead” Steffans may be married or doing whatever she’s doing, but apparently none of that will ever stop the pair from continuing the love affair they’ve had going since 2007.

In a new sit-down with Vlad TV, Karrine elaborates on how she and Wayne met almost 8 years ago now, and goes on to explain how he is a part of every relationship/marriage that she enters into. She says she will NEVER stop seeing him, and she tells that to every man she meets at the beginning, and they have the choice to take it or leave it. “They always stay,” she says smugly, adding that she doesn’t understand why, because she’d never put up with that from a man. She also “fights” tears of love as she talks…which is just… I can’t.

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