(Video/Audio) Funk Flex, Red Alert, & Chuck Chillout Christmas Eve 2016 Mix

The three legendary DJs, Funk Flex, Red Alert, and Chuck Chillout joined forces and took over the airwaves as they do every Christmas Eve. Funk Flex took it back for the holidays and played nothing but classics from 7pm all the way up until midnight. If you missed your chance to listen on Hot 97, you’re in luck! We have it for you after the jump! Flex also made use of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter’s new live features and streamed the entire show for all to watch!

#DJFunkFlexApp LISTEN: Kool DJ Red Alert, DJ Chuck Chillout & Funk Flex Christmas Eve 14′ Oldschool Mix

Lit Digital DJs Funk Flex, Kool DJ Red Alert & DJ Chuck Chillout continue the tradition by going down memory lane getting on all the classics for Christmas Eve on Hot 97. Check out mixes after the jump.

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