(Video) CIA Director Says They’ve Failed In Slowing ISIS Down: They’re More Dangerous Than Ever

John Brennan, head of the CIA, recently reported to us that despite military efforts and hopes to cripple them financially, ISIS appears to still be a huge threat for a couple of reasons. One of the most important reasons, that stood out the most, is something that really hasn’t ever been done before.

CIA Tip Led To Nelson Mandela’s Arrest And 27 Year Sentence In 1962

Nelson Mandela is one of the most notable leaders of our time. His journey for the destruction of the racist system that was apartheid was a painful one. The journey included at 27 year jail sentence which spanned from 1962 till 1990. Today reports released have disclosed that the arrest which led to his 27 year sentence was ignited by the United States Central Intelligence Agency. It turns out the the CIA gave a tip to the South African authorities and that tip led to the arrest of President Mandela.

(Video) The CIA Torture Program Will Have To Answer For Their Actions

Two psychologist are being accused of orchestrating harsh interrogation techniques, which permitted and oversaw methods inculding waterboarding, forced nudity, and prolonged sleep deprivation.

(Video) CIA Leaves Explosive Material On The School Bus After Training Exercise

The CIA left explosive material on the Loudoun County school bus after a training exercise. The bus drives elementary and high school to and from school. The material was sitting on in the engine compartment.

(Video) This Top Secret Poison Dart Gun Causes Heart Attacks & Leaves No Trace…

This is spooky…the gun, a modified Colt 1911, is believed to have been mentioned during the infamous Church Committee probe into the CIA in 1975. Whistleblower (snitch in hip-hop) Mary Embree gives the scoop on this top secret weapon. Hit the jump.

(Photos) The CIA Uses Tupac For A #twitterversary

Ummmm, so I guess cause Pac has kinda been in the news a bit as of late, and whomever runs the covert ‘company'(if you ever watched a spy movie, you know ‘the company is what’s its referred to) has a bit of a sense of humor, I mean they’ve only been up a little over a month and have 670K followers, they seem to be entertaining people.

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