Yeah, The CIA Gets A Twitter Account 0_0

That’s right, the CIA’s first tweet was “We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet”. 24 hours later it has 448,000 and counting followers. Followers actually found this tweet amusing and funny. As a matter of fact Americans are more likely than the average global citizen to share “funny” content than “important” content.

(Video) Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Drummer Is Disgusted With CIA’s Use Of Their Music!

Recent news reports revealing the CIA’s negative doings within past years, one of the incidents includes the 2002 torturing of Abu Zubaydah, while playing the Red Hot Chili Peppers, through looped audio, amongst other torture methods. Drummer Chad Smith has spoken out in light of the situation and he is not too happy with the agencies use of their music!

CIA Acknowledges Area 51?!?

Did the CIA finally accept the existence of the Cold War Testing Site known by it’s conspiracy theories of aliens and other extra terrestrial?! Hit the jump to find out!

He’s Going Down…Edward Snowden’s Recent Leak Says The U.S. Is Spying On ALLIES!

One of the most popular current event is EDWARD SNOWDEN! The former technical contractor worked for the National Security Agency (NSA) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), but since he’s leaked top-secret information to the press, Snowden has been somewhat on the run. There are new leaks that suggests, America using ‘bugs’ to spy on some of its closet allies. Of course, even our “friends” are not excused from the asinine tactics of the U.S. government. Hit the jump for more details.

US & Pakistan In Drone Secret Deal?!?

Drones are a topic of intense debate right now, challenging a program that started under Bush and has been expanded by Obama. Congress has called for more transparency in what is an ethically questionable practice. What did these reports reveal?

(MUST SEE VIDEO) Whoa! Alien-Like Secret Service Agent Seen In Background Of Obama Speech!?!?

Okay, I know this might seem absolutely CRAZY! But if you do enough research you can find a lot of credible sources saying there are aliens functioning here as humans. I repeat, this might seem crazy, but just try and open your minds! Footage has surfaced of an alien-like specie dressed up in a suit and looking like a Secret Service Agent spotted at Obama’s speech. Check out the video after the jump and let us know if you can believe it or you think it’s bs.

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