Ringling Bros. Circus Closing After More Than 100 Years

Photo credit: CNN After countless shows, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey will perform its last show in May. The greatest show on earth will come to an end after 146 years. One of the main reasons that this incredible journey will come to an end is that sales have dropped since elephants are no longer in the show after a law was passed.

Circus May Be Banned From Coming To NYC

It might be quiet for the circus coming to the big apple. The Ringling Bros. Circus has been up and running for over 130 years. There is now a concern over animal rights.

Huffington Post From Now On Will Cover Donald Trump Campaign As Entertainment Not Politics

Donald Trump has made such an ass out of himself since he announced he would be running for president, that he is now being dropped by another news organization. Over the course of three weeks, Trump has been dropped by NBC and Macy’s and has lost the support of countless Americans. Well now, the Huffington Post has decided to no longer “take the bait” on Trump’s “sideshow.” They have decided to cover his “campaign” in the entertainment section rather than politics. Hit the jump for the official statement.

(Video) Multiple Performers Injured After HIgh Wire Snaps During Ringling Bros Circus Act!

As the Ringling Brothers and Barnum And Bailey Circus hit Rhode Island an unfortunate set of events occurred during one high wire act! The audience watched as a high wire act turned bad, very quick, injuring 11 people, 9 of those employees, and reportedly leaving one in critical condition. Check out footage of the tragic incident below, caught by some one in attendance.

(Photos) WTH!! Elephants Found In A Public Parking Lot?!

Police confirmed that 3 elephants escaped the Shrine Circus in St. Charles on Saturday afternoon. They must of had a lot of fun roaming through the parking lot because they caused damage to multiple cars. If I was an owner of one of those cars I would be tight!! Check out the photos in The Gallery! Read more after the jump…

(PHOTO) NFL: What is Robert Griffin III Wearing?! And Why?!

A lot of fans on Twitter were talking about Redskins QB Robert Griffin III’s shirt last night.  He was spotted wearing a nice shiny, gem decorated blouse that had fans wondering wth he was up to?!   Check it out after the jump along with the pictures and explanation…

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