Cissy Houston Is Not Here For Bobby Brown’s 20/20 Interview

A lot of people were shocked by the beans Bobby Brown decided to spill during his 20/20 interview. Between his alleged sexual encounters with ghost, to speaking on using drugs with Whitney Houston, Bobby did not hold back. Whitney’s mother, Cissy Houston was not here for the interview. In fact, she found it to be quite disturbing.

Cissy Houston Opens Up About Bobbi Kristina’s Condition

Just last week a judge ruled that Cissy Houston and Bobby Brown will have shared guardianship over Bobbi Kristina while she lays in the hospital fighting for her life. Through the duration of Bobbi Kristina’s hospitalization the Browns and the Houstons have been at odds about what to do for her. But now even with this court ordered shared guardianship they still seem to be on opposite sides. Cissy Houston has recently stated that she will not take ‘heroic measures’ to save the daughter of the late Whitney Houston.

Cissy Houston Opens Up About Bobbi Kristina’s Condition – It’s “Not Hopeful,” She Says.

Bobbi Kristina Brown has been in a medically induced coma since January. There have been many people hoping and praying for her recovery. We’ve heard many stories on her condition becoming worse or getting better, but now, we hear some news from a more credible source; Cissy Houston. Check down bottom for more.

(Photos) Is Whitney Houston’s Mother Pissed Over Bobbi Kristina’s Marriage?!

Bobbi Kristina and her new husband/adopted brother, Nick Gordon, said they had Cissy Houston’s blessings to get married. Apparently the couple lied! To read more, click below.

Whitney Houston’s Mother, Cissy Releases A Heartfelt Letter To WHO?!

Since her mother’s death, Bobbi Kristina has not held any of her family close – but, her brother/fiance. After writing, publishing, and then promoting her book on, Oprah – Remembering Whitney – Cissy Houston was basically, disowned by her granddaughter. Since news broke that Bobbi was engaged to, Nick Gordon, Cissy has taken the only steps that seem to get through to Bobbi – a letter through the media. the letter expresses how much she loves her granddaughter, that she wishes she’d wait to get married and sympathetically, she understands her feelings. For some reason, I’m not too sure that Bobbi Kristina will react to the letter (positive or negative). Hit the jump and check out the emotional notation.

1 Year Later – What Has Whitney Houston’s Family Been Up To !?!?

Today marks the one-year anniversary of an all time legendary musician’s passing. Since her passing, her family has starred in a reality show that has pretty much kept us in the light. Drop down bottom to check-up on Bobbi Kristina, Cissy Houston, Pat Houston, and Bobby Brown.

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