Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes Relationship Confirmed

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have reportedly been dating for years now, but there’s never been concrete confirmation. Though the latest “source” is still not directly from either person in the couple, it’s at least a source with a face and a name – unlike the other sources that have confirmed their coupledom over the years. While appearing on the Allegedly podcast, former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan was asked about Jamie, and while denying they’d ever hooked up, she confirmed that he is indeed with Katie.

(Video) Jennifer Williams And Claudia Jordan Go At It On The Next 15 Reunion

Claudia Jordan and Jennifer Williams get into it during ‘The Next 15’ reunion. Jordan claims that Williams sends provocative photos to married men and Jennifer says that the sexy photos that she took were stolen from her phone. Check out the video after the jump.

Which Cast Mate Was Booted From The New Season Of “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta”?

Another ones bites the dust. Find out which cast mate from “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” got the ax right after the jump.

(Video) Claudia Jordan & Ginuwine Claim They Were Racially Profiled In Alabama

Real House Wives Of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan and her R&B crooner boo Ginuwine made a pit-stop in Auburn, Alabama real quick and decided to stop at the mall. Much to their surprise, they were chased by a mall cop and forced to remove their sunglasses, although there was no sign prohibiting sunglasses indoors. The reality TV star diva took to her Instagram to say, “I thought it was a joke at first then s**t got real. What kind of BS us this?!!!!! This was the second security guard that the other white security guard sent to “handle us” after the first one harassed us 1 minute after we walked thru the door of the AUBURN mall. He followed us demanding I take my sunglasses off. There were no signs stating “sunglasses were prohibited” this was so blatant. I thought it was a joke at first then shit got real.” She then went on to write on another video with the mall cop behind her, “Never go to the Auburn Mall if you’re a minority and you chose to wear sun glasses. Clearly it’s against the law if you are black. Meanwhile we saw 2 white women and a white man wearing sunglasses who were not harassed or even approached. There were no signs saying that sun glasses were not allowed. Please do NOT tell me racism is dead. I’m a classy, educated woman with no criminal record simply wanting to shop in the local mall who was harassed by punk ass mall…

(Video) Claudia Jordan From RHOA Disses Dark Skin People? Ouch

Claudia Jordan From RHOA Disses Dark Skin People? I guess a Housewife isn’t a housewife unless there is some sort of controversy. Well at least that is the case for ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’cast. New member Claudia Jordan is just following the rules.The new house wife is another housewife without a husband( Kenya Moore doesn’t have a husband either) and she is stirring the pot and creating conflict already. She dished in her first episode about being biracial and how it is/was difficult for her. Her mother is Italian and she never quite fit in with either side. She never was “black enough” and “black girls didn’t like her because of the whole dark skinned light skinned thing” However She is in the news for allegedly dissing dark skinned people. Is the a case of the pot calling the kettle black? Were her comments really hurtful or was it just an innocent joke? Let me know in the comments. Find out what she said below

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