Desiigner Is Officially Off The Hook In Drug Arrest Case

Desiigner is now officially off the hook for his NYC drug arrest behind him. His record will now be cleared for the final charge for possession. The D.A. has now decided to dismiss the charge while in court. Desiigner pretty much got really lucky after other charges were previously dropped in September.

Say What?! Sick Passenger Had To Be Examined At Newark Airport For Ebola?!

A plane had to be briefly quarantined at the Newark Liberty International Airport because a sick passenger was examined for Ebola! WOW! Read more after the jump…

NFL: Adrian Peterson Was Investigated For Sexual Assault And Cleared Of Any Wrongdoing

As if he doesn’t already have enough going on with law enforcement, Adrian Peterson was recently investigated for sexual assault but was cleared of any wrongdoing. The complaint stemmed from an alleged incident back in 2011 in Minnesota where a woman claimed AP assaulted her, but Peterson said nothing happened that the woman did not want. After an investigation it appears Peterson was the one telling the truth.

Sports: Nearly Cost Him His NBA Career! Chris “Birdman” Andersen Victim of a Cruel Hoax!

Damn, poor Chris Andersen!  His lawyer is calling this situation,  “Manti Te’o on steroids” and he nearly lost his NBA career over it. Chris Anderson was a victim of a wide-ranging internet hoax, but the good news is that he’s been cleared of any wrongdoing. Check out this story…

Gunplay CLEARED Of Armed Robbery Charges; Gunplay Reacts

Despite the fact he was captured beating up his accountant on tape, MMG rapper Gunplay has been cleared of the charges! That “no snitching” thing really worked to his benefit, as the charges were dropped solely because the victim didn’t want to cooperate with the police! “Video alone is not enough to convict an individual of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt,” the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office told TMZ. “Although the armed robbery is captured on the victim’s surveillance system, the victim, Turron Woodside, is uncooperative of the prosecution of this defendant Richard Morales.” Win! Gunplay’s reaction below.

NBA: Tony Parker Got Medical Clearance to Play for France in Olympics

Sabrina B. There were concerns about Tony Parker’s availability for the Olympic Games this summer in London, immediately following the eye injury he suffered during a nightclub brawl. The doctors, though, have given TP the green light to take part in the Games.

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