(Photo) NFL: Plaxico Burress Fires Shot At Former College Coach Nick Saban


Before Nick Saban was known as a coaching genius at the university of Alabama, he was honing his skills in the Big Ten as coach of Michigan State. In the late 90’s Plaxico Burress played for him and apparently Plax still holds a grudge for something Saban said to him back then. He reportedly told Plax to not enter the NFL draft and stay in school only to leave the school himself and take a new job. Coaching is a business and players sometimes get offended but they really can’t. Not too mention people do make bad decisions, and Plax should definitely know that himself.

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(Video) Sports: Suge Knight Sounds Like He Is Throwing Shots At Snoop For Coaching Kids??


Years later and Suge Knight is STILL talking about Snoop? Is he ever gonna get over things? Anyway, Suge was talking about how he thinks parents should stay far away from coaching their kids in sports. His comments seem personally directed at Snoop for some reason, which wouldn’t make much sense because Snoop helped coach his son Cordell to become one of the best high school wide receivers in the country. Suge hating?

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(Video) NBA: Shots Fired?! Joe Johnson Speaks About Jason Kidd’s Coaching


It’s no secret that Kidd left the Nets abruptly and probably on bad terms. During the Brooklyn Nets media day, Johnson made a couple of interesting comments about Kidd’s coaching methods. Hit the jump for details.

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NBA: You Will Never Guess What Metta World Peace Wants To Do Next


Could any of you guys see Metta World Peace as a head coach in the NBA? There is no doubt he has the basketball intelligence to give him a chance to be successful but there is much more to coaching basketball than knowing game plans. He just recently became an assistant coach of a high school girls team but he has much bigger ambitions than that. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: Phil Jackson Says He Should Be Knicks Coach, But “Just Can’t Do It”


Right now Knicks fans are reading that headline and thinking “so there is a chance”. A cameraman caught Phil and fiance Jeanie Buss coming out of a restaurant in Los Angeles last night when he playfully asked about issues in their relationship. Jeanie said Phil snores too loud but then the cameraman quickly threw in a statement about Phil coaching the Knicks, to which Phil surprisingly agreed! It seems like he would do it but health wise it just doesn’t make sense for him. Hit the jump to see what he said.

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NBA: Report, Knicks Asked Phil Jackson About Coaching Team


Not that this surprises me at all, but according to reports, the Knicks general manager Steve Mills flew to Los Angeles within the past couple weeks to speak with Phil Jackson. It is obvious the team will be making a coaching change at the end of this year but it does not seem Jackson will be making his way to MSG. Those same reports have him not being interested in the job and not being interested in coaching anywhere right now. If I was him I would avoid being anywhere around the Knicks with the circus the team has become this year.

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NBA: Phil Jackson Says He Has No Intentions on Returning to Coaching


The speculation of whether or not Phil Jackson will return to the sideline is never ending.  Though he has said several times that he is done, it never really seems to resonate with anyone.  After the Lakers chose D’Antoni over the Zen Master (I know still shocking), Jackson has reiterated even more that that part of his life is over.  Read more after the jump.

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NBA: Phil Jackson Is Officially Back In The NBA, But Why This Team??


If your an NBA fan who is in your late 20’s or older, you remember the Chicago Bulls with Jordan and coach Phil Jackson having some epic playoff series before they were finally able to get over the hump and win their first NBA championship together. The main team in the eastern conference for years that prevented Jordan & Jackson from advancing was the Detroit Pistons, and now according to reports, Jackson himself is going to be helping the Pistons. Say what?? Read about it after the jump.

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NBA: Will He Coach The Nets?! Phil Jackson Answers


Anytime there’s a vacant head coaching position on an NBA team, Phil Jackson’s name always comes up.  Phil Jackson finally spoke out about the coaching job & said that he’s not taking the Nets job, but the statement he made does leave some wiggle room.  Notice the word ‘intention.’


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NFL:(Rumors) Andy Reid Could Be Hired By Kansas City Today


It is being reported that fired Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid, could be hired as the new coach of the Kansas City Chiefs as early as today. Reid had a few interviews scheduled with other teams, but it is also being reported those meetings are now cancelled, which gives even more weight to the rumor of him going to Kansas City. He met with them all day yesterday and it appears he got a really good feeling about the organization. Stay Tuned for possible updates on this during the day. Hit the link after the jump for more.

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