(Photos) $56M Worth Of Cocaine Found At French Coca-Cola Factory

In one of the biggest drug busts of France’s history, almost 1000 pounds of cocaine was discovered in one of their Coca-Cola factories, totaling $56 million.

NFL: Tom Brady Calls Coca-Cola “Poison” And The Company Responds

Tom Brady has had beef all year long with the NFL, commissioner Roger Goodell, The Indianapolis Colts and more but now he has started something with Coca-Cola. During a recent interview, Brady called the soda “poison” in relationship to kids drinking it. Surprisingly enough the company had a response for Brady.

(Video) From Humble Beginnings…Tyrese Takes It Back To Where It All Began

Tyrese has been traveling around promoting his album Black Rose. Earlier this week he was spotted on the subway and today we see that he took it back to the bus where he got his start. Find out the details and see the video below.

(Photos) Brands Go IN On Apple Over #Bendgate

Damn, I can’t lie, this is nervous for Apple, putting an iPhone 6, I believe it’s more the Plus than the 6) in you pocket and it bends…damn that’s NOT good! Well Brands wasted no time to capitalize off of Apple’s misfortune, and some of them are funny AF!

(Photos) WTF?! Couple Claim They Found Giant Spider In A Bottle Of CoCa-Cola

Amanda Barr, from Eastbourne,England bought a 3-liter bottle of Coke from Iceland, her partner Steve Knight poured her a glass, and they claim that they found a huge spider floating on the top. The couple went ahead and measured it and saw that it was just under 5 inches. This is just nasty! A representative from Coke says: “We can understand the distress this incident must have caused. That’s why we have arranged to collect the bottle and spider from her so that we can investigate thoroughly this complaint.” I don’t care how much you think you love this soft drink, you’ll never look at it the same after you see these pictures.#smh Hit the jump then view the gallery for the pictures

(Video) NFL: Coca Cola “Going All The Way” Super Bowl Ad

Hit the jump.

(Video) NFL: Coca Cola “It’s Beautiful” Super Bowl Ad

This was a pretty good one. Hit the jump.

(Photo) Checks Keep Comin’ In For Britney Spears!

Get money! In the past year, Britney Spears has added to her bank account by investing in stocks. To find out where she’s putting her money, click below.

(Videos) Super Bowl XLVII Commercial Compilation

So now that the game has gone final, and we have a new champion, ( Congrats to the Baltimore Ravens ) it’s a wrap for Super Bowl XLVII. With that said, the last commercial has come and gone. There was some laughs, some disappointments and some weird feelings with the ads during the game. We covered alot of the commercials throughout the night so we know some of you might of missed some good ones. Without further ado, we present the Super Bowl Commercial Compliation. All the ads we covered tonight compacted into one convenient post. Hit the gallery after the jump to see all of them. Enjoy.

(Video) Coca-Cola Commercial For The Super Bowl

Coca-Cola will have a couple ads that air during the Super Bowl. Check this one after the jump.

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