Peter Shue Talks To Flex About His Rise, Madonna, & Snitches to get Less Lights

I’m from Brooklyn, but even I’ve heard of BX Legend Peter Shue, the infamous drug kingpin that had Madonna on smash, at least that was the word on the street back then.

(Video) Coast Guard Seize $2 Billion Worth Of Cocaine In The Pacific

One of the biggest international crimes and drug busts in US history was just recorded, as our Coast Guard and the Royal Canadian Navy busted an amount of cocaine so big it was worth $2 billion in the streets.

Boxing: Tyson Fury Vacates Titles After Cocaine Admission & Focusing on Treatment & Recovery

Heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury has decided to voluntarily vacate his WBO, WBA, and IBO titles so he can “fully focus on his medical treatment and recovery.”

Boxing: Heavyweight Champ Tyson Fury Says He’s Done Lots of Cocaine, Has Depression & is Suicidal

Heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury is going through it.  The troubled boxer has not trained in months, he’s fighting depression, has suicidal thoughts, a drinking problem, and admits he’s done “LOTS” of cocaine.  He’s in danger of losing his belts but that’s the least of his worries, he desperately needs help.

Dallas Woman High On Cocaine Arrested For Spitting On Cops

27-year-old Lacresha Craig was recently arrested on four counts of harassing a public servant. The paramedics were called once Craig started screaming incoherently and flailing her arms around when police asked for her name.

(Photos) $56M Worth Of Cocaine Found At French Coca-Cola Factory

In one of the biggest drug busts of France’s history, almost 1000 pounds of cocaine was discovered in one of their Coca-Cola factories, totaling $56 million.

(Video) 3 Canadian Woman Get Arrested In Australia For Allegedly Smuggling $23 Million Worth Of Cocaine

3 Canadian woman have just been arrested for allegedly smuggling $23 million worth of Cocaine! Sheesh! They were pushing some serious weight. Authorities found 200 pounds of cocaine in their suitcases when their cruise ship docked in Sydney.

(Video) Jonah Hill Hospitalized After Sniffing So Much Fake Cocaine

Jonah Hill appeared on Bill Simmons’ new HBO talk show ‘ Any Given Wednesday.’ While there, he spoke on snorting fake Cocaine while on the set of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Naked Man Caught Smuggling 7 Grams Of Cocaine In His Foreskin

A naked man was caught after he tried to smuggle 7 grams of cocaine in his foreskin. Thats honestly really nasty. UK police found 7.2 grams of cocaine 24-year-old Joshua Hare is his foreskin.

Arizona TV Reporters Have Been Charged With Child Abuse After Baby Tests Positive For Cocaine

Two Arizona TV reporters are now under major fire after their 4 month old tested positive for Cocaine. 42-year-old Somchai Lisaius and his 26-year-old wife Krystin Lisaius, took their daughter to the hospital after noticing she was not eating and was very sluggish.

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